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Ever wonder what it takes to really get a six pack (and we don’t mean of PBR)?  Not sure why you still have a pot belly, even though you exercise? Want to know how to tone your arms without lifting a finger? Well, now you can have all your diet, wellness, and fitness questions answered right here on Greenpointers.

Fitness trainer, Dy Elise, owner of Greenpoint’s one of kind fitness & wellness center Human@Ease, Tim Haft, master of Beastanetics and Punk Rope, and Flannery Foster, co-founder of goodyoga, will now be taking your questions – from the right method of exercise for your body type to obstacles related to personal well-being.

Dy is a certified Personal Trainer (who trains Jen G), fitness competitor and Life & Nutritional Coach who has been in the fitness industry for nearly 15 years. She trademarked her own meditative approach to strength training called Introversion(R) Training. And there’s more (!)–she teaches and empowers people to become their own trainers and has been featured in several local media outlets including appearing as a guest host on NYC Media Brooklyn Savvy to talk about the benefits of life coaching.

Tim Haft

Tim Haft is the creator of Punk Rope, the most popular rope-jumping based fitness class in the United States, and Beastanetics, a high-intensity interval-training program. He is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and holds additional certifications as a USA Track & Field Level 1 coach and a Stability Ball Instructor. He has been offering group and individual fitness training since 1998. Tim’s fitness philosophy centers on functional movement, play, and community.

Flannery Foster

Flannery Foster found yoga as a healing solution after being “unhealthy and unhappy for a pretty long time.” She received a 500 Hour Teaching Certification from YogaWorks (later becoming the Teacher Training Program Advisor) and taught in Sri Lanka for 2 months before traveling through South East Asia to immerse herself in Buddhist, Hindu, and Ayuvedic practices. Throughout the years, she has returned to India to learn and teach. Flannery founded goodyoga with her partner, Raymond Gonzales, in 2009, and has taught at many other studios, including Pure Yoga, Soma, Greenhouse Yoga, and YogaWorks.


So ask away and our expert fitness guru/trainer/yogi will dole out their words of wellness wisdom!

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  1. I have worked out regularly for years now, and while I have been off and on at times, in general, I\’m fairly consistent. Usually, I will do a bench press set of 10 reps, then 8 reps with increased weight, then possibly 6, or sometimes a bit heavier weight for 5 reps or less. Recently, however, my muscle will give out on me after the set of 8 reps. I will do my first 2 sets and then be dead by my last attempt. I don\’t know why it\’s happening. It doesn\’t seem like it\’s an endurance problem because if I start out with a little less weight I can do a large number of reps and gradually increase until I\’m at almost my max and can do 3 reps. It is only when I start out heavier with less reps that my chest gives out, and I don\’t know why it does that. Can you think of any reason why this could be happening? I could\’ve provided specific weight but I didn\’t think that was necessary to understand the predicament I\’m having.

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