Ok, let’s be real. We all ate ourselves to pieces last week and with the holidays just around the corner, we’re not stopping. I like to binge eat as much as the next guy, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to remain physically active while doing so. It’s easier said than done, but our friend Dy from Human at Ease (ease is their middle last name) has a program that guides people through the intense process of getting fit, and as a result, it’s a lot less intimidating.

The program is called B.E.S.T., which stands for Balance, Energy, Strength, Tranquility, requires a 12-week commitment and is an all-inclusidve holistic fitness, detox, and weight loss program. It is specifically designed to deal with past conditioning and emotional obstacles related to food, as well as educate participants on proper diet and exercise; everything from dietary health to mental health is covered.

The pilot program just wrapped up and the guinea pigs above are looking pretty good, don’t you agree? The fitness and wellness stuido (31 Nassau Ave) is currently looking for 6 new participants for the next cycle of the program, which is set to begin early next year. Talk about New Year’s resolutions, right? This one forces you to commit for at least 12 weeks, which is more than most.


“I can honestly say this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself,” said Mariah, a participant in the first wave of B.E.S.T. “I’m not just back to feeling ‘fine’ again, I’m actually feeling better than I have in years. Besides being down in weight and feeling better about myself physically, my mental health has dramatically improved. I’ve radically changed my diet, and I’ve finally learned what foods make me feel good and what foods I need to avoid.”

Group work is very much a part of the program. Participants have a support system so that they don’t feel like they’re going through it alone.

“The success of the program was beyond what I imagined and the results were outstanding,” said Dy. “I am pleased to say that the B.E.S.T. Plan is one of the most effective and comprehensive weight loss programs out there and it’s all because of the powerful conversations that take shape at the level of the group.”

Each participant must be willing to complete the entire 12-week program with a “no excuses” attitude. Because the program is focused and personal, Dy limits it to a small group of 6 clients, necessitating the need for an interview and screening process to establish fitness level, goals, and level of commitment. Special consideration is given to higher-risk cases. The application deadline is December 15, 2013.

Apply here or get more information and pricing.

it’s time to get healthy, Greenpoint!

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