Vanessa Chinga-Haven, Owner of Homecoming

PLANTS & FLOWERS: HOMECOMING | 107 Franklin Street
Vanessa Chinga-Haven, Owner

Greenpointers: Which plants do better in a heated apartment in the winter months?

Vanessa Chinga-Haven: I like to go with philodendrons, because they’re easy and a lot of people know those. They’re my go-to because they survive and they’re a low light plant. Otherwise you could go with ZZ plant which is also very resilient. We also have snake plants that are very hardy. Those would be my three go-to plants.

GP: Should the plants that thrive in your apartment in the summer technically still be able to live through the winter no matter what type of plant they are?

VCH: I feel like all plants can survive, it’s just that Brooklyn apartments are small so you can only put them in so many places and a lot of the time they end up on top of the heater. You just have to be more diligent about watering. My heaters are very low and I actually turn them off or keep them low so that it doesn’t get too hot. I water them way more often in the winter and I continually take care of them and make sure I clip anything that’s yellow. Plants tend to be very emotional, believe it or not, so if you move them somewhere and they’re not feeling it, they will die on you. You just need to pay attention to your plants. You should also move your plants around, especially if they’re by a window, you should twist them. Make sure that wherever they’re getting their light from changes so move them whenever you water them by twisting them a little.


GP: How does the selection of cut flowers that you sell vary in the winter? Do you have a favorite winter flower?

VCH: They evolve with the seasons. Peonies come out around this time. We go three times a week and get what’s in season. People really hate on carnations, but at this time of the year, they have the most beautiful colors and I find them to be really special.

GP: What’s your favorite thing to do in Greenpoint in the winter?

VCH: I love going to Ramona [113 Franklin St]. That’s my favorite spot. All the crew from Homecoming will be there on a Wednesday night. I always go for a whiskey and yesterday I had a hot toddy there that was delicious.

GP: If you just want to hibernate this winter, what do you recommend to make your home cozy?

VCH: I just got a huge, cozy blanket and we just bought a new couch so I’m very excited. I like to light candles and open the windows and have freshness along with the coziness. We also just got our Homecoming candles in in time for the holidays and we’re so excited. The number 1 candle is meant to smell like the store so it has elements of coffee and flowers and it’s really nice.


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