Hurricane Benefit Yoga Class TONIGHT (8/31) at Usha Veda

Usha Veda YogaIn the true spirit of the meaning of “yoga” or its English definition “union,” Usha Veda Yoga (1006 Manhattan Ave) is holding a donation-based yoga class in support of disaster relief for Houston at 7pm tonight. As Usha Veda describes, yoga enables not only the union of mind and body, but also uniting in the knowledge that we are all one. The intention of tonight’s class is to come together to send love and funds to those in need. Continue reading

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Happening Today!! Greencycle Swap and Book Donation Drop Off! (4/18, 1-4PM)


Bring some! Take some!
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
Let’s recycle, reuse and reduce!


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Let’s ALL eat like pigs today! #feedpeople

Isn’t it nice to sit around and stuff your face? This is every American’s God-given right on Thanksgiving! Sadly some people don’t eat anything today – including many people in Greenpoint.

So let’s keep ALL of our neighbors full and plump this Thanksgiving, too. That’s what it’s all about, right? Sharing and caring…

If you make one click on your computer today – consider making a donation in ANY amount – $5, $10 to Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, a local non-profit that feeds the hungry not just on Thanksgiving but every week of the year!

Have a wonderful restful day and weekend!

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Dear Greenpointers,

I hope you had a great holiday season and wish you a happy healthy New Year! It’s now time to look forward, make changes, grow and improve.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the website and find useful and interesting information here. It’s truly an honor and pleasure to run and I am very happy at our growth and success. But we’re not slowing down.

In the past year we have completely revamped the website, hired a Managing Editor and have moved into a new space. Still we have a lot of new and exciting plans for 2013.

A specific area to improve in the new year is the frequency and quality of our content. It’s always been my goal to pay our talented contributors and until now contributors have been volunteering their time.

Greenpointers will always be a platform dedicated to the promotions of the arts and creativity in North Brooklyn. As an advocate for artist and creators, I hope for Greenpointers to become a profitable outlet for contributors as well.

Our 2013 Writer’s Fund is a new and innovative initiative that gives readers and supporters the opportunity to directly show their support of the creative community in Greenpoint, while choosing the type of content you want to see on the website.

If you love Greenpointers and enjoy reading this website, please consider making a donation to our Writer’s Fund. We are asking readers to make a one time donation of $25 (pays for 1 post) and local businesses a minimum donation of $100 (pays for 4 posts). But any amount $1, $5, $10 is greatly appreciated and will go toward directly paying contributors for their time and content. Donate now.

As always, look forward to raffles and events that will directly support the 2013 Writer’s Fund! Our next raffle will happen at our upcoming Valentine’s Market and we are looking for donations of prizes from local businesses.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at greenpointer (at)

How it works:

• Each $25 donation pays a writer to create an article for the website.
($20 to contributor + $5 editor/processing fee)

• Our 2013 Writer’s Fund Goal: $5000
= 200 posts @ $25/post (approx. 3-4 posts per week)

• Donation perks:
$25 & up: A Special Thank You at the top of the post & on Writer’s Fund Page (links to your website/twitter, etc.)
$50 & up: Thank You + tote bag
$100 & up: Thank You (with logo) + tote bag + 2012 Greenpointers Photo Book

• How to donate:
1. Make a donation via paypal here.
2. Mail a check written to Greenpointers to 50-52 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

• When you donate:
1. Chose *type of editorial content: Community, Eat & Drink, Art, Music, Fashion, Events
2. Include link to your website/twitter/etc (plus 150x150px logo if applicable)
3. Include mailing address for perks

* Specific editorial content is determined by writer and editor and will not be used as advertisements for products or services. If left blank, editor choses content category as needed.

Thanks for your continued support of!

Jennifer Galatioto

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#HelpRockaway: Rockaway Renegades

rockaway renegadesRockaway Renegades are an all volunteer based, direct action group committed to the cleanup and relief effort currently underway in the Rockaways following the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy.

During the weekend of November 3 4, Rockaway Renegades organized a large donation site in Greenpoint and two days of relief in Rockaway. They were on the ground there distributing warm clothing, water, batteries, and supplies. They also prepared hot meals to distribute to a community of people who have not had heat or power since the storm.

Their efforts that weekend culminated on Sunday November 4th, when they caravanned down to the Far Rockaways with 2 trucks, 2 SUVs, and 6 cars full of food, volunteers, clothing, and supplies. Witnessing the intense need of the community there- they were inspired to do more.

Their immediate plan is to resume our relief effort on Saturday November 11 and Sunday November 12. They will be caravanning down – this time with at least 3 passenger vans full of volunteers and supplies. They are in the process of organizing additional drivers and volunteers in addition to the vans.

Once there – they will coordinate with leaders in the community to distribute much needed food and supplies while also, for the first time, contributing to the massive clean up effort that is underway there.


The Rockaway community isn’t expected to have heat or power for another 6 – 10 days and the need there is beyond belief.


Rockaway Renegades Facebook Page

Donate to Rockaway Renegades

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400 Lunches Needed For Frail Seniors Tomorrow (Monday 11/5) Via Greenpoint Soup Kitchen

Message from Pastor Ann:

“We just got a request from Councilman Brad Lander’s office: 400 lunches are needed for medically frail seniors staying in the shelter at the Armory. We need them delivered by 1pm.

Here’s the plan: Show up at the Greenpoint Reformed Church 136 Milton St. at 9am.

If you can, please bring bread, fruit, beverages, etc.

We’ll be working hard on this from 9am to noon. At noon, we’ll pack them in my car and drive them over.

For those of you staying up late, feel free to bake cookies, brownies, etc. and drop them off tomorrow morning.

Pastor Ann is going to attempt to coordinate this, since Ann Carroll needs a break. So please, be patient with her.

If anyone is good at organizing stuff like this, feel free to let her know and she’ll gladly put you in charge. Thanks for all the great work.

Please forward this around as I’m a little worried we might not have enough volunteers since most folks are going back to work and it’s early in the day tomorrow.”

Note: Let us remember that our local Greenpoint Soup Kitchen is not only feeding hungry Greenpointers but is working night and day to prepare food for victims of Hurricane Sandy who are staying in shelters.

If you cannot volunteer tomorrow, consider making a donation directly to Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, to help support these efforts.

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Donated Coworking Spaces / The Yard

The Yard, a simply smart designed coworking space in Williamsburg has generously teamed up with Greenpointers to offer 5 donated coworking spaces for the upcoming week.

The donated spaces are reserved for individuals that have been displaced by the storm.

A lot of Greenpoint/Williamsburg residents have opened up their homes to those affected and I am sure work spaces would be appreciated!

If you are interested or know anyone that is please contact Andy (at) workattheyard (dot) com.

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A Reason To Wait: All of Five Leaves Profits Today Are Being Donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief

Aside from some of the most delicious food, there is another amazing reason to wait in line for a meal at Five Leaves. All of Five Leaves profits today are being donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Given the devastating effects Sandy has had on businesses in places like lower Manhattan, this is such a generous way to show support!

Five Leaves
18 Bedford Ave

Any other local businesses doing similar deals, email greenpointers (at) and we’d be happy to post about it.

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Greenpointers is planning a Soup Bowl Fundraiser for Greenpoint Soup Kitchen & Food Pantry at EAT (124 Meserole Ave) on Sunday 11/18 from 4-6pm.

*** We are looking for soup bowl donations from local potters. ***

For $25, guests will buy a handmade bowl and enjoy a delicious bowl of soup from The Splendid Spoon and a Brooklyn Brewery beer. (Guests keep the bowl!)

100% Proceeds Donated to Greenpoint Soup Kitchen & Food Pantry.

Our goal is to collect 50+ bowls! Any leftover bowls will be sold at our Holiday Market on 12/8/12 and proceeds will be donated to Greenpoint Soup Kitchen.

If you are a local potter and can donate a few bowls, please contact us greenpointers (at)

Include in email:

Subject: Soup Kitchen Fundraiser Bowl Donation (Your Name)

Body: 1. How many bowls you can donate (2-5 is perfect!) 2. link to your website. 3. photo or bowls (don’t have to be exact)

There will be scheduled bowl drop-off times, TBA.

Guests: If you would like to reserve you bowl now*, please make a donation to greenpointers (AT) via paypal using the button below.


* Bowl choice is first come first serve. If you cannot come to the event you can reserve a bowl to be picked up at the Holiday Market on 12/8.
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