Message from Pastor Ann:

“We just got a request from Councilman Brad Lander’s office: 400 lunches are needed for medically frail seniors staying in the shelter at the Armory. We need them delivered by 1pm.

Here’s the plan: Show up at the Greenpoint Reformed Church 136 Milton St. at 9am.

If you can, please bring bread, fruit, beverages, etc.

We’ll be working hard on this from 9am to noon. At noon, we’ll pack them in my car and drive them over.


For those of you staying up late, feel free to bake cookies, brownies, etc. and drop them off tomorrow morning.

Pastor Ann is going to attempt to coordinate this, since Ann Carroll needs a break. So please, be patient with her.

If anyone is good at organizing stuff like this, feel free to let her know and she’ll gladly put you in charge. Thanks for all the great work.

Please forward this around as I’m a little worried we might not have enough volunteers since most folks are going back to work and it’s early in the day tomorrow.”

Note: Let us remember that our local Greenpoint Soup Kitchen is not only feeding hungry Greenpointers but is working night and day to prepare food for victims of Hurricane Sandy who are staying in shelters.

If you cannot volunteer tomorrow, consider making a donation directly to Greenpoint Soup Kitchen, to help support these efforts.

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  1. Hi All, I know it’s late for this event, but if you’re making lunches or donating food for the elderly, please consider donating applesauce, pudding, jello, and other easy-to-swallow foods. Lots of older folks have difficulty chewing and swallowing and sandwiches, fruit, etc may be really hard or even dangerous for them to munch on.

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