Williamsburg’s Milu (235 Kent Ave.), a casual Chinese restaurant, has abruptly shut down, following in the footsteps of Chez Ma Tante, Cafe Rosarito, and The Springs (Editor’s note — Chez Ma Tante closure is temporary).

Owner Vincent Chao confirmed that the Williamsburg location of Milu quietly closed at the end of 2023, after only six months in the neighborhood.

Greenpointers originally reported on the opening of Milu in February 2023, and the restaurant officially opened the Brooklyn location in June. 

Milu’s owners (from left): Milan Sekulic, Chef Connie Chung, and Vincent Chao. Photo: Evan Sung

Milu started in Manhattan in 2020, following a fast-casual restaurant format, but serving elevated cuisine with flavorful options like Sichuan-spiced cauliflower and marinated cucumbers. The restaurant showcased “a range of ingredients, sophisticated techniques, and richness of flavors from across many regions of China in an accessible counter service setting.”

Milu’s marinated cucumbers. Photo: Evan Sung

The tiny chain was excited to expand to Brooklyn. “We know we have many regulars who work in NoMad, but live in Williamsburg, and we also know we are bringing something new to the neighborhood with casual Chinese that isn’t a sit-down restaurant experience,” Chao told Greenpointers last year.


“While we love the neighborhood, unfortunately, the location just didn’t work out for our business model,” Chao said of the recent closure in Williamsburg. “Regardless, we encourage people to continue supporting neighborhood restaurants and small businesses as much as they can!”

Milu’s Manhattan location is still open. 

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  1. Perhaps instead of opening restaurants in transit deserts like Kent Ave and North Greenpoint, businesses can come to areas like Graham Ave which are right off the L train and have tons of residents that are underserved.

  2. Well said Mary. The location of Milu is what stunted opportunity. To survive in such a challenging location and market you better serve up some of the best food in the neighborhood that will draw in restaurant-goers no matter what. Xixa and Traif come to mind…

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