During the holiday season, The Springs (224 Franklin St.) is a winter wonderland, replete with festive decorations and drinks. Unfortunately, the party’s over, and it’s not just because the holidays have wrapped up.

According to its website, “The Springs has served its last slushy.”

The full statement reads:

“When we started on this corner in 2008 (we were called t.b.d. back then), Greenpoint was a very different place —  no high rises, lots of parking spots, and also lots of graffiti. We’ve loved watching the neighborhood grow and change, and are forever grateful for the friendships and memories we’ve formed. We’ve also loved helping you celebrate your weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, baby showers… and all the other occasions you’ve shared with us. Now it’s time for us to move on to our next chapter. We can’t wait to see how Greenpoint continues to change and wish the next business on this little corner has as much fun as we’ve enjoyed.”

The beer garden at the former t.b.d.

While t.b.d. first opened in 2008, The Springs took over in 2018. The spacious spot on Franklin was beloved for its seasonal decor (beyond just Christmas) and backyard space. 

No official word on what led to the closure. The scuttlebutt on Reddit is that it was due to the landlord raising the rent, which wouldn’t be surprising, but we have not heard back from the Springs team to confirm.


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