The Springs was not the only long-standing spot to close suddenly this week. 

Cafe Rosarito (168 Wythe Avenue), which formerly operated as Rosarito Fish Shack, is no more, according to their Instagram. Or at least, the current iteration is no more, as they’re teasing a promise of the next thing.

“Exactly one year after transforming from the storied Rosarito Fish Shack into Cafe Rosarito, a full restaurant/bar/lounge with some of the aesthetic and attitude of a casual French cafe, a shortlist of tasty, drinkable cocktails, and DJ parties that flowed into both rooms and spilled into the streets, the space has finally closed,” an Instagram caption reads.

Rosarito Fish Shack spent years offering locals beachy, seafood-forward cuisine, like oysters, ceviche, and fish tacos. Growing with its changing clientele, Rosarito eventually added a coffee shop, Alex Coffee Roasters, operating out of its storefront.

No word yet on what led to the closure, or how it will affect Rosarito’s sister spot, Shelter.


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