On September 5, Muchmore’s Gastropub and Wine Bar (2 Havemeyer St.), previously known as Muchmore’s, reopened in Williamsburg. Locals might remember that from 2012 to 2020 Muchmore’s was mainly an entertainment venue that hosted an array of live music performances, comedy, and debates.

After a 3-year hiatus, Muchmore’s is back and rebranded, now with (much more) food. Husband and wife team, Andrew and Diana Muchmore, are both self-proclaimed foodies from New Orleans. They explained that when Muchmore’s was an entertainment venue, they served very basic New Orleans offerings like jambalaya and muffuletta sandwiches, but never had a full kitchen. Because they lacked kitchen infrastructure and support, the food eventually died out and only beer and wine was served. 

The bar area at Muchmore’s | Photo: Olena Shkoda

“It was a place that was accessible to the community,” Diana Muchmore told Greenpointers, comparing it to the fictional bar Cheers where everyone knew each others’ names. “We wanted to bring that same mission to this restaurant. We want you to walk in and not be dependent on a reservation system.”

Muchmore’s burger. Photo: Olena Shkoda

To achieve Muchmore’s new model, Diana and Andrew teamed up with another partner, James Paloumbis. The eclectic menu is a mashup of Muchmores’ knowledge of Creole cooking combined with Paloumbis’ experience at multiple types of restaurants, including high-end Greek. Diana describes it as “a little bit of Greek meets Creole, “ noting that the menu truly has something for everyone.

“Greek meets Creole” in Muchmore’s dishes. Photo: Olena Shkoda

The menu item that the team is most proud of is the Firehouse Jambalaya. It’s entirely made from scratch using the ‘holy trinity’ of Creole cooking consisting of bell peppers, onions, and often garlic or celery. “The dish is special to us. We wanted to get it as close as possible to Andrew’s father’s recipe,” Diana said, explaining that her father-in-law was a fireman who cooked the dish at his firehouse, hence the name.

The dining room at Muchmore’s is also available for private events. Photo: Julia Moak

Other menu highlights include the burger, titled “Build a Burger” on Muchmore’s menu. “We source 100% grass-fed New Zealand Wagyu meat, which is freshly ground for us, on a nice brioche bun” Paloumbis told Greenpointers.

The Fish and Chips is another gastropub favorite. Muchmore’s makes it with fresh cod, beer-battered with panko made in house. Paloumbis calls it a “classic item you see in bars that we do a little better.”

Muchmore’s Roasted Chicken is sourced locally from Goffle Road Farms in New Jersey. It’s grass-fed and organic and comes with gluten-free sweet potato fries. It’s one of the healthier items on the menu, according to Paloumbis.

Another favorite menu item is the Dip Board, a nod to Paloumbis’ Greek heritage. There are four dip options including Mouhamara with red pepper and walnut, Htipiti with yogurt and feta, Eggplant, and Tarama with caviar mousse.

The Dip Board is a nod to restaurant partner James Paloumbis’ Greek heritage . Photo: Olena Shkoda

“Because it is a wine bar, the dips are important, so those who are not eating can whet their palettes,” Diana said. “We also are one of the only spots to have a proper caviar offering. We looked at what others in the neighborhood don’t offer. We wanted to be a little different.”

Muchmore’s drink menu is no less extensive and includes a range of draft beers, fine wines, champagne, and zero-proof cocktails, plus a full espresso and coffee bar that includes cold brew on tap, all from popular coffee brand For Five. The team hopes to eventually open earlier in the day to accommodate the neighborhood’s love of coffee. 

Muchmore’s is also aiming to launch brunch in October. A brunch menu highlight will be a Beignet Benedict with fresh beignets backed in house. But, before brunch is added, lunch service will start “very soon.”

Diana also noted that while Muchmore’s is no longer an entertainment venue, guests might still see glimpses of its artistic past. She said an example would be a jazz trio to celebrate both food and music. “We want to keep the memory alive and not forget that phase,” Diana said.

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