Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

Whose decision was it to schedule every relevant community-wide meeting over the past few weeks (the BQE redesign, making our waterfront climate resilient, redistricting our State Assembly district)? Everyone’s just obsessed with Greenpoint, I guess.

The Williamsburg location of Dar 525 hosted a day-long dine-in fundraiser to support victims of the recent catastrophic earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Super Burrito just set up shop in Williamsburg — keep your eyes peeled for when they get their liquor license. Kru, a local Thai restaurant which was recently shortlisted for a James Beard Award, was kind enough to share a recipe with us. Though Bread Brothers just shuttered its Greenpoint and Williamsburg locations, the Bushwick location is still going strong.

We brought you the latest updates on both the NuHart and Meeker Avenue Superfund sites. We republished THE CITY’s investigation on the disappearance of several rent-stabilized apartments — click the link to find out how North Brooklyn was impacted.


North 6th Street is turning into Brooklyn’s answer to Fifth Avenue, with Chanel set to open this summer. Some local residents find the MTA’s plan to redesign the Brooklyn bus network to be lacking and have now circulated a petition to keep the B48 in North Brooklyn. Last Place on Earth hosted a fun event for game designers and fans alike.

In light of its impending sale to condo developers, we’ve been highlighting the fight to save Park Church with fun memories from years past.

In need of weekend plans? Stop by one of these local Black-owned businesses before perusing our weekend roundup for more ideas.

In and around North Brooklyn

A recent incident at the Bedford Avenue L train stop left several passengers rattled and asking for answers

NY1 covered last night’s meeting to address the US Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to construct a 17 ft tall seawall around the Greenpoint waterfront.

Battery storage units could be crucial to the fight against climate change, but some Williamsburg residents have concerns over their potential to cause fire damage.

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