Beloved Mediterranean restaurant Dar 525, with locations in Williamsburg at 525 Grand St. and in Greenpoint at 168 Driggs Ave., has experienced tragic loss due to the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria that claimed the lives of over 46,000 people. 

This devastating death toll sadly includes members of the Dar 525 family. The restaurant wrote about the tragic loss on Instagram, saying, “One of our founding fathers lost his beloved uncle and aunt, while one of our managers, Ahmad, lost his sister, nephew, brother-in-law, and sister’s extended family. The loss was especially devastating as Ahmad’s sister was nine months pregnant.”

North Brooklyn locals can show support by dining at Dar 525’s Grand Street location on Thursday, February 23. For the entire day, Dar 525 will donate 100% of the restaurant’s profits to the Molham Team’s campaign for families affected by the earthquake. 

Molham Team is a nonprofit, charitable organization that was founded in 2012 “by a group of dedicated Syrian university students — young men and women who sensed the suffering of fellow Syrians who became refugees in neighbouring countries,” as it reads on the nonprofit’s website. Dar 525 told Greenpointers that the organization “does a lot on the ground in Turkey and Syria.”

Dar 525 also told Greenpointers that one of the restaurant’s owners, who is Syrian, will contribute to the Molham Team fundraiser by matching the sales made on that day.


“Please share this with your friends and family and help us spread the word. With your support, we can make a small but meaningful contribution to the recovery efforts in Syria,” the restaurant wrote on Instagram.

As of publication, Dar 525’s link to the Molham Team fundraiser has already received $3,323.50 in contributions. You can donate directly on Dar 525’s mobile Instagram page.

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