Last Place on Earth (531 Graham Avenue), a local board game cafe, has been in the business of fostering a fun community space since its less-than-auspicious opening in March 2020. 

The space, which hosts events as varied as Dungeons and Dragons meetups, Pilates classes, and comedy shows, is now offering locals an easy way to give back with an event called “Locals and Locales,” happening tomorrow, February 21. 

Image provided by John Hague

“This is a benefit for local artists and designers, and the places that help them create.  We have Brooklyn game designers, authors, and streamers, all gathering up at the best game cafe in Greenpoint to celebrate each other’s projects and the awesome spaces that help us thrive,” said John Hague of Quill Gaming via email.

Interested patrons can check out games such as The Great Rat Wars, where New Yorkers team up to battle rats (relatable), or The Last Summit, whose Kickstarter will be launched at the party tomorrow. Local resident Rita Puskas will be around promoting her short story collection, The Somber Hilarity.

Beer and wine will be provided. The event is not ticketed, so come through, meet local creators and enthusiastic game players, and celebrate all the creative types that keep North Brooklyn great.


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