If you’ve noticed that the Bread Brothers’ Greenpoint and Williamsburg stores have been shuttered and the phone lines are disconnected, you’re not alone. Greenpointers has confirmed that the Greenpoint and Williamsburg storefronts of Bread Brothers have closed. 

The small chain known for bagels, sandwiches, smoothies, juices, and other breakfast items used to have three storefronts: one at 220 Bushwick Ave., a second at 810 Grand St., and a third at 912 Manhattan Ave. Now, the Bushwick Avenue location is the only remaining storefront. 

However, Greenpoint and Williamsburg residents can still get their Bread Brothers fix. The owner of Bread Brothers is offering web and phone deliveries and catering for the areas that served the Grand Street and Manhattan Avenue storefronts. In fact, the owner told Greenpointers that he would deliver anywhere in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, even the Bronx.

The Bread Brothers owner said that he is willing to travel “everywhere” from Bushwick to satisfy his clientele. “It’s all about commitment to my customers,” he said. 

The exterior of Bread Brothers’ Greenpoint storefront, which is now closed. Photo: Julia Moak

Locals have wondered why two of the Bread Brothers storefronts have shut down and noted that it might be due to ongoing construction or poor location. 


The Bread Brothers owner told Greenpointers that there were several factors that led to the closing of the two stores. He explained that many employees were lost during the pandemic, but he managed to keep the Bushwick location open continuously during that time. In addition to the pandemic, problems with the landlord eventually led to the closing of the Bread Brothers storefronts in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. 

The Bread Brothers owner is not discouraged. He told Greenpointers that he is happy working out of Bushwick only and will continue to focus on his customers. His message to North Brooklyn residents is “call anytime!”

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