Last December, the MTA announced long-awaited plans to revitalize Brooklyn’s bus network. Representatives from the agency shared their vision with North Brooklyn residents this past January. While some proposed changes, such as eliminating certain redundant stops to make for expedited service, are welcome news, others, like the potential of moving the B62 route from Manhattan Avenue to McGuinness Boulevard, worry local residents.

Now, a group of concerned Greenpointers have formed a petition to address plans to reroute the B48 from Williamsburg’s Lorimer Street to an entirely new termination point — downtown Brooklyn. The B69 will now serve the old route previously covered by the B48, but will now start from Windsor Terrace.

The petition, which is a little over halfway to meeting its goal of 1,000 signatures, shares the following reasons for opposing this change:

  • “The proposed B48 rerouting will remove the only connection between western Crown Heights, western Bed Stuy, and Greenpoint.”
  • “By re-routing the B69 to Greenpoint, this proposal reduces all bus service along Lorimer and Nassau Avenues.”
  • “The proposed B69 route is redundant with the G train”

Regardless of your opinions on this particular change, you’re free to share any redesign opinions with the MTA, as they are currently soliciting feedback and gathering input from residents. 

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  1. It not bad enough that you eliminated stops on the B48 Nassau Avenue route now you want to reduce even more stops! Clean up the subways (crime, homeless, being dirty.) no one fells safe riding the subway. I guess this is the MTA’s idea of getting more people to ride the subways. I’d rather ride the bus

    1. I totally agree. I ride the bus most of the time. When I am forced to ride the subway it’s usually on a transfer from the bus and only if it’s no more than a few stops. I’m 69 and I truly don’t feel safe on the subway.

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