(2016) A Poland supporter walks down Nassau Avenue with facepaint and a Polish flag before the Poland-Portugal match. Photo: Erik Keithley

For the next month or so soccer fans in Greenpoint will be in the throes of World Cup mania. Normally placid people will dress head to toe in the uniforms of the nations they support, drape themselves in flags and even paint their faces. They will scream at the top of their lungs and experience either great joy or complete sadness before the final match in Russia brings the madness to a close on July fifteenth. Billions of people around the world watch the match and the thirty-two countries who are in the cup often grind to a halt when the national team plays. Sadly, the American Men’s National Team did not qualify, so American fans will have to support other nations.

One of the teams in the world cup this year is Poland and hundreds of locals will hit local bars decked in red and white, but local Mexicans, Germans, English, Koreans and other nationalities will turn up at local water holes to cheer their teams on. Here are some of the most popular venues to watch the match!

(2016) Poland fans gather in numbers to watch the Poland vs. Portugal game, and to enjoy Keg and Lantern’s tasty handcrafted beers. Photo: Erik Keithley

KEG & LANTERN | 97 Nassau Ave
Keg and Lantern on Nassau Avenue has a great vibe. They have many screens and a great selection of beer and snacks. The only problem is that the place might be packed for some of the bigger matches.

Berry Park, via Instagram

BERRY PARK | 4 Berry Street
Another local favorite is Berry Park. A huge venue with giant screens, the scene can often be raucous, but is a great place to capture the enthusiasm of the matches. There’s also a lovely rooftop beer garden if you feel like getting some air.

Raizes: The Bar

One of the favorites in the tournament is Portugal and there is no better place to watch the Portuguese team than Raizes Churrascaria, a spacious Portuguese restaurant and lounge, which has a number of screens and a bar to watch the matches. Raizes has a full menu, and we recommend the hot wings with chimmichuri cream sauce.

Rooftop at Northern Territory, via Northern Territory

NORTHERN TERRITORY | 12 Franklin Street
Australia is also in the tournament and you can catch some of the Ozzie spirit At Northern Territory. Owner Jamie Toll is married to a Colombian and he plans to host a viewing part on Sunday June 24th. The Territory offers a variety of drinks and a full menu.

The frozen negroni at Lake Street. Photo: Rosie de Belgeonne

LAKE STREET | 706 Manhattan Ave
If you want to watch the matches in relaxed air-conditioned comfort, then there is no better place than Lake Street on Manhattan Avenue. A number of English supporters turn up at Lake Street to support their side. The bar offers drink specials and a number of screens, so it is a fine place to watch the games (and sip on a Frozen Negroni!).

(2016) Poland fans show their dismay after watching Portugal tie up the match 1-1 at Shayz Lounge. Portugal would go on to win in a shootout, 5-3. Photo: Erik Keithley

SHAYZ LOUNGE | 130 Franklin Street
Shayz Lounge on Franklin Street is another good option. They have a full bar and a great sports bar vibe and a friendly staff.

© Barley

BARLEY | 1025 Manhattan Ave
Barley offers great food and burgers if you want to pop in and catch a game. Barley offers a $ 13 beer and burger special that is hard to beat. Recently remodeled, Barley is an inviting and relaxing space.

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