So You Wanna Watch Sunday Football in a Local Bar?

Image from (spoiler alert) Keg & Lantern

Nowadays, Greenpoint has a bewildering number of bars, but many of the best ones aren’t really places to watch a football game. So what makes a great sports bar where you can watch all the Sunday N.F.L action (or Monday night or Thursday night or Saturday College Football)? First, the bar has to have a big screen TV, preferably many TVs, so if you don’t root for the Giants or the Jets you can still catch your team’s game. Second, the bar’s gotta have good cheap beer and preferably some kind of beer and shot specials. Also, who doesn’t watch a football game without getting the munchies? A bar that serves pub grub has to rate higher than one that doesn’t. Finally, you want to watch with a good crowd, not in some mausoleum. With those categories in mind, here is a list of the top ten places to watch an N.F.L game! Continue reading

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For Poland, Euro Cup 2016 Hopes Sadly Pass

Facepaint and flag
A Poland supporter walks down Nassau Avenue with facepaint and a Polish flag before the Poland-Portugal match Thursday afternoon.

Although Poland suffered a heartbreaking loss to Portugal yesterday in the quarterfinals of the 2016 Euro Cup, Polish pride was on full display around Greenpoint. Several soccer-friendly neighborhood bars were packed to capacity with red-and-white clad Poland fans, many of whom could be heard shouting passionately in Polish at every missed scoring opportunity.

Walking down sidewalk
Three friends walk home down Nassau Avenue after watching Poland’s unfortunate loss to Portugal in the Euro Cup quarter-finals.

Poland took the lead early with a goal from Robert Lewandowski, but were unable to strike again for the rest of regulation. Portugal tied it up with a goal from the 18-year-old phenom Renato Sanches, and with a 1-1 tie at the end of 90 minutes, the game went into overtime. Still, no one scored, so the match was decided by a shoot-out, which Portugal won 5-3.   Continue reading

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Best Bars To Watch The Super Bowl In Greenpoint

What you need to know:

Super Bowl XLVII (#47) is taking place on Sunday February 3rd, 2013 in New Orleans. Kick-off is 6:30pm and the competing team are the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Beyonce is headlining the halftime show. (I had to google this all.)

Who are you rooting for? And more importantly where will you be funneling beers and enjoying nachos and wings? A local dive? A house party?

Below are some of the best places to watch the annual man and cheese fest:

For those of you who hate sports, look out for tomorrow’s post: Best Bars To NOT Watch The Super Bowl In Greenpoint.

Best Bars To Watch The Superbowl In Greenpoint

The Warsaw (261 Driggs Ave)
You heard correctly, Roberta’s is throwing a superbowl party at The Warsaw and you can rent private rooms and skyboxes! Not to mention nachos and pierogis and wings and towers of beer. This will be more epic than Beyonce’s halftime show performance.

Brouwerij Lane (78 Greenpoint Ave)
Erik is bringing his TV from home. Classy.

• The Palace (206 Nassau Ave)
If you’ve never been to this Greenpoint institution, now is your chance in all its local sports bar glory.

Black Rabbit (91 Greenpoint Ave)
Because it’s classy on the big screen. Nerd Bowl (begins 6pm) will have “$5 Black Rabbit Lager, Board Games, Places To Sit & $5 Frito Pie”

• Turkey’s Nest Tavern (94 Bedford Ave)
Technically not in Greenpoint, but one of the best sport’s bars in Brooklyn. Because they serve beer out of styrofoam cups and you can see a TV from every angle, even if you’re upside down.

Boulevard Tavern (579 Meeker Ave)
I have one thing to say: tater tots.

Bar Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave)
Nice TVs, good beer, great bartenders, extensive bar menu, including the panelle special! (that’s a fried chick pea fritter sandwich with red sauce.) Plus $0.50 wings & $3 PBRs all night.

• Lulu’s (113 Franklin St)
Free pizza and watch the big screen from the second level.

Greenpoint Heights (278 Nassau)
If you live all the way on this side of McGuinness, not sure why you would need to watch the Super Bowl anywhere else.

Red Star Bar (37 Greenpoint)
Who can forget Red Star? Not Mike (below). Plus they have the best wings in town!

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