21 Greenpoint is on the Michelin Guide’s radar  Image: 21 Greenpoint/Instagram

Greenpoint and North Brooklyn’s thriving restaurant scene has been turning (professional critic) heads for a while now, especially when it comes to the esteemed Michelin guideEvery year, their incognito inspectors scrutinize all the restaurants who’ve previously won either stars or bibs, plus all the newcomers. The bigger acclaim is when a restaurant wins coveted Michelin stars, from one to three and seemingly always the usual Manhattan high-end spots (those are announced next week). But the restaurants frequented by the hoi polloi aren’t left out. That’s where the Bib Gourmand comes in. This is where you can potentially get two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less, before tax and gratuity. And this is where our local spots shine.

Here’s where you can go for your regular Wednesday night dinner and say, “It’s Michelin-listed.”

Achilles Heel (180 West St)
Bunker (99 Scott Ave)
Egg (109 N 3rd St)
Falansai (112 Harrison Place)
Glasserie (95 Commercial St)
Llama Inn (50 Withers St)
Paulie Gee’s (60 Greenpoint Ave)
Rider (80 N 6th St)
Roberta’s (261 Moore St)
Rye (247 S 1st St)
Shalom Japan (310 S 4th St)
21 Greenpoint (21 Greenpoint Ave)

Honorable LIC Mentions:
Arharn Thai (32-05 36th Ave)
John Brown Smokehouse (10-43 44th Dr)
Mu Ramen (12-09 Jackson Ave)


Congratulations to all!!

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