Got our daily fruit last weekend with Northern Territory’s Pimm’s Cup  Image: Northern Territory/Instagram

A year ago, we were at the beginning of a five-day intolerable heat wave. Luckily, it seems we’ll only get a handful of 90°+ days this year which means more time outside drinking frozen cocktails! Boozy slushies are a bit of a trend right now and the neighborhood is full of them. It just so happens that they’re perfect for that cooling afternoon drink or to pretend you’re actually on a tropical vacation. Here are the spots happy to put a tiny umbrella in your drink.

Piñas & Margs at Pencil Factory  Image: Megan Penmann

Pencil Factory | 142 Franklin Street
Frozen Margarita: The newest entry into our frozen drinks world comes in a Greek coffee cup from Pencil Factory. The marg is tart and the piña is more rum than coconut which is wonderful. ($5)

Park Luncheonette | 332 Driggs Avenue
Frozen Paloma: Voted “Most Popular” among the Greenpointers editors because we simply love this drink of tequila, grapefruit, lime, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a secret ingredient. ($12)

Moscow Mules & sneaky people-watching at Ramona  Image: Megan Penmann

Ramona | 113 Franklin Street
Black Pepper Moscow Mule: Yes, they also have a Salted Watermelon Frosé, but trust us on the frozen Moscow Mule. It’s the perfect balance of peppery and lime, the kick adds enough flavors that you won’t think this is just a watered-down cocktail. ($13)

Northern Territory | 12 Franklin Street
Frozen Pimm’s Cup: Our favorite Australian bar knows how to keep you cool and hydrated while catching some sun on the rooftop. This weekend’s special is a frozen Paloma, but keep an eye out on their Insta for when the Pimm’s Cup comes back around. ($10)

In the back patio at Broken Land  Image: Julia Moak

Broken Land | 105 Franklin Street
Piña Colada: It comes with a tiny umbrella, there’s no added sugar, it’s basically a health drink, just with some light and dark rum added. ($8)

Lake Street | 706 Manhattan Avenue
Frozen Negroni: Here’s a pretty frozen pink(ish) drink that is so much better than frosé. That delicious combo of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari is especially strong at Lake Street, so exercise a little caution. ($12)

Diamond Lil’s looking so pretty  Image: Diamond Lil/Instagram

Diamond Lil | 179 Nassau Avenue
Tortola Vice: This sexy lil Art Nouveau bar has something a lil different for us. They’re serving up frozen Painkillers (rums, fresh pineapple, orange juice, and coconut cream) but the Tortola Vice is Painkiller topped off with Strawberry Daiquiri. ($12)

Goldie’s | 195 Nassau Avenue
Frozen Margarita: If Vegas is more your scene, or you’re just really in love with Goldie’s new tiki-inspired back patio, they’ve got frozen margs to beat the heat. We hear you should go for happy hour. ($7)

Mexican frosé at Casa Pública  Image: Casa Pública/Instagram

Casa Pública | 594 Union Avenue
Frosé: This is the one you want because you can’t have amazing Mexican food without something frozen that involves tequila. They’re serving up frozen rosé, blanco tequila, strawberry, and lemon in a salt-rimmed glass. ($10)

Turkey’s Nest | 94 Bedford Avenue
Frozen Margarita: It comes in a huge styrofoam cup and is the best drink in the entire borough. We don’t even know how much it costs but it’s somewhere south of $10 and that’s all that matters.

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