Hey Greenpoint! We’ve got a pretty good weekend of events here. Plus it’s the Greenpointer’s Spring Market!

See you in the streets!

FRIDAY: The Screaming Hand at House of VansStickymonger at Superchief

SATURDAY: It’s Record Store Day! Also, check out Tropicalia in Furs Pop-Up Record Boutique

SUNDAYJames Brittingham, Real Reasons / Greenpointer’s Spring Market!

Friday at House of Vans

In 1985, in a small art studio on the Eastside of Santa Cruz, CA, Jim Phillips Sr. was creating images that unbeknownst to him would affect generations of artists and skateboarders to come. Of all of the iconic imagery that Jim has created; the Screaming Hand logo has stood the test of time.

Thirty years after it’s inception, the Screaming Hand still remains an unmistakable symbol of youth and skateboard culture. In honor of Jim Phillips Sr. and the Screaming Hand logo, 40 of the world’s most influential artists of the past 30 years were invited to interpret and pay homage to this iconic image.

RSVP here, and for real, for real: GET THERE EARLY.

House of Vans at 25 Franklin Ave.

JAMMED at Superchief

Stickymonger’s murals are composed of black “stickers,” meticulously cut from giant sheets of vinyl and installed piece-by-piece by the artist, creating images that melt and flow together like rivers of ink cascading down the gallery’s walls. Park’s tactile and visual obsession with fluid and sticky blackness is related directly to her childhood experiences. Growing up in Korea, in a home adjacent to her family’s gas station, Park’s backyard housed six fuel-storage garages. There, the future artist would hide among the oil cans, often stepping in and playing with the dense black petroleum puddles that were ubiquitous in her world.

Superchief Gallery, Tender Trap at 66 Greenpoint Ave.

Tropicalia In Furs

Produced in partnership with Dream Box, Greenpoint’s creative lab, will resurrect the East Village store at Double 6 Studio on the weekend of April 16th, recreating the surroundings of the original along with its infamous psychedelic decor, live music, art, dancing, DJs, and thousands of the craziest records you will ever hear! With the crazy records comes an even crazier party! Tropicalia Forever!

Double 6 Studio at 66 Green St.

James Brittingham, Real Reasons at Soloway

Soloway is pleased to present Real Reasons, James Brittingham’s first solo show with the gallery. Brittingham’s paintings on inkjet prints attempt to trace the erotics of ideology as it shapes and is shaped by the ever more entertaining and catholic permutations of image-culture, and the way these permutations give shelter to ever more nuanced and deviant fantasies about the nature of culture.

Soloway at 348 S. 4th St.

Designed by Llubav Duerr

We are throwing it back to the prohibition-era when “Bee’s Knees” was slang for the best cuz we’ll be serving up the best honey sweetened cocktail, courtesy of Brooklyn Gin. Thanks to Greenpoint Beer & Ale there will also be two choices of delicious craft beer to get your buzz on: “Milk and Honey” is an American blonde ale brewed with chamomile, milk sugar and wildflower honey. “Jamaica Bay Brett IPA,” is a wild yeast fermented American IPA. Tropical and peachy with orange pith notes.

Our friends at Cafe Grumpy will be providing coffee and there will be a large assortment of yummy savory and sweet treats by some talented chefs and local food establishments.

RSVP for Sunday, April 17th from 1-7PM at the Greenpoint Loft (67 West Street, 5th Floor)

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