The Moonlight Mile

Beer, Bourbon and Rock’n’Roll! This unholy trinity forms the solid foundations of The Moonlight Mile, a spanking-new Greenpoint watering hole co-run by Garry Embry who, by no coincidence, lists them as his three absolute favorite things in life.

As any discerning music-lover will know, The Moonlight Mile (200 Franklin St) takes its name from a Stones song and, like the legends behind its namesake, drew major crowds for its grand opening last Saturday night. It joins Broken Land and Ramona in the adding to the host of fun new drinking establishments at the north end of Greenpoint.

The first thing you notice at the bar is their gosh-darn gigantic selection of whiskey. Gary tells me they have around 80 varieties at the moment but will be growing the collection to well over 100 in the coming months.

To educate the rye-curious and satisfy die-hard bourbon aficionados, they offer six different whiskey flights, ranging from $12-$21.  The ‘Difference in Proof’ flight allows drinkers to compare the same brand at different strengths. ‘Steeped in Tradition’ compares three traditional types of bourbon, and ‘The New York Flight’ allows you to sample local-made whiskeys Van Brunt Stillhouse, Pine Barrens Single Malt and Widow Jane 7 Year Bourbon.

It’s worth noting that Garry sources many of their supplies through Franklin Street’s Duke’s Liquor Box so, if you try something you love, you can pick a bottle of the stuff up on your way home.


Next to the vast array of amber-glowing bottles is a neat row of 12 brass beer taps, nameless but for a single numbered tag hanging from each. Each number represents a delicious craft brew such as Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro,  Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and Firestone DBA, all between $6-$9.

They also offer an alluring whiskey-based cocktail menu designed by a top Kentucky mixologist and featuring their very own Moonlight Mile house bitters. The Bushel and Barrel combines Straight Corn Whisky, Campari and Brut Cider, whilst the Kennessee Old Fashioned is High Rye Bourbon, Homemade Sassafras Syrup and Bitters.

To keep nibblers happy, bar snacks currently include Maple Thyme Pecans from Greenpoint’s Ovenly and Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn(!!!). There are also plans to  introduce a Meat & Cheese and a Pickle & Olive plate in partnership with Manhattan Ave’s Eastern District.

To create the perfect whisky-quaffing environment, The Moonlight Mile boasts a fabulous reconditioned jukebox, stuffed with great rock’n’roll anthems and, best of all, absolutely FREE! One draw back, we’re told, is that it doesn’t always play what you ask it to, but that’s part of the charm, right?

The space is beautifully decked out using reclaimed materials: gorgeous wooden floorboards, lovely old stonework and an imposing wood and iron bar which was made by a craftsman on Kent Ave. The bar stools are from a Williamsburg-based designer and the walls are decked with local art which they will be switching up every two weeks.

The Moonlight Mile is a great addition to the ever-evolving Franklin Street which, given the number of openings there right now, looks all set to soon become the hottest stretch in NYC .

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