Greenpoint Cocktail Becomes As Famous As The Neighborhood Itself

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-5-51-27-pmI was reading an article on eleven of the hottest cocktails from around the globe in the New York Times when the article mentioned a new drink that is all the rage: the Greenpoint.

Though it pains me as a proud Brooklynite, the Greenpoint is a variation on the famous cocktail the Manhattan. The drink, created by Michael McIlory at NYC’s legendary Milk and Honey, gets it name because the Chartreuse that is its main ingredient creates a green hue.

So, what goes into a Greenpoint? The drink consists of two ounces of rye whiskey and a half ounce of yellow Chartreuse. Then add another half ounce of sweet vermouth. The last two ingredients are pinches of angostura bitters and orange bitters. Take all the ingredients and put them in a mixing glass with ice. Next, stir and strain it into a cocktail glass. Finally, top it off with a lemon twist garnish. Continue reading

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Greenpoint’s Original Wave of Home Brewing and Distilling

Officials seizing booze during prohibition.

It’s great to see distillers like the Greenhook Ginsmiths on Dupont Street distilling high quality gin. It’s equally gratifying to know that Greenpoint is teeming with home brewing aficionados who make their own great beers, but this is actually nothing new to Greenpoint. During the era of Prohibition from 1920 to 1933, there was no place in the city that violated the anti-alcohol laws more often than the thirsty citizens of Greenpoint. Continue reading

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The Moonlight Mile: Greenpoint Whiskey Bar Brings Rock’n’Roll to Franklin St

bar interior
The Moonlight Mile

Beer, Bourbon and Rock’n’Roll! This unholy trinity forms the solid foundations of The Moonlight Mile, a spanking-new Greenpoint watering hole co-run by Garry Embry who, by no coincidence, lists them as his three absolute favorite things in life. Continue reading

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Getting Schooled On Small Batch At Duke’s Liquor Box, Plus Tastings This Week!

You may have noticed on Franklin St that Kill Devil Hill moved next door and in its place is Duke’s Liquor Box (170 Franklin St), a liquor store named after the son of Kill Devil Hill‘s Mary Brockman and Patrick Dacy. The kid is in my opinion “officially” the cutest kid in Greenpoint.

According to Patrick, the loan that jump started the business was from Duke’s Grandma, and it will be paid back to Duke in the form of a college fund or “travel the world fund.” An adorable letter from Grandma is framed up front and reads, “this is the weirdest college fund I’ve ever heard of.” It’s okay Grandma, this kid is set! Continue reading

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Craft Epidemic, Hipster Vet, Levin Loves Girls, $300 Difference, 106 New Bars, Homeless Stabbing – The Hook-Up 9/16

Artwork by Tamara Garvey


We all know how crafty Greenpointers are, well, now we have a new 1500 square foot classroom in the Pencil Factory studios that will be teaching classes beginning in October. (BB)

What’s young, bearded and likes to ride bikes in Greenpoint? Hipsters? Try Afghan Vets. (Brokelyn)

Steve Levin won by a landslide, but he may not win the hearts of Greenpointers when it comes to bringing TV show tourists to our “calm, humble” neighborhood. (Greenpoint Gazette)

Recent reports from real estate insiders now say the difference in cost of an apartment in Greenpoint versus downtown Manhattan is only $300. (NY DailyNews)

Homeless people are stabbing each other with ice picks at Greenpoint’s least favorite place ever.

And you thought that our neighbors to the south already had enough bars, over 100 Williamsburg businesses are applying for liquor licenses this month alone. (DNA Info)



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GRAND OPENING DUKE’S LIQUOR BOX FRIDAY (9/13) w/ Tastings Tonight & Thursday!

Celebrate the Grand Opening of Duke’s Liquor Box (170 Franklin St) this Friday 9/13 from 6-8pm with Greenhook Ginsmith’s Gin, Acme Smoked Salmon and Digestif & Apertif of Averna Amaro & Limoni.

That’s not it!

Tonight (9/11) from 6-8pm – there will be a Vodka, Whisky & Bourbon tasting from Oyo with food pairings of cheddar and chocolate.

Tomorrow night (9/12) from 6-8pm there will be a tasting of Mackmyra Swedish Whisky and Deanston Un-chilled Filtered Highland Singlemalt, Monopolowa Vodka and Angostura Rum.

All we can say is CHEERS!

Sponsored post courtesy of Duke’s Liquor Box.

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Try New Drinks At No Cost With BevBucks!


Try New Drinks At No Cost With BevBucks!

How many different brands of vodka, whisky, beer, etc… are out there? Not hundreds, but thousands! BevBucks markets for alcohol brands in a way that helps bars and restaurants too. Rather than being introduced to a shot of some new vodka brand on a random Friday night (not a bad thing), BevBucks invites you to try a specific beer, wine or liquor brand at their cost. Tell BevBucks what types of alcohol you prefer and receive relevant invites and influence top brands.

Current options we like at BevBucks include their offer to buy a Moretti at Grand Central Oyster Bar. Or sign up to get a bottle of Singha at your choice of 10 locations in NYC including The Grand Victory  in Williamsburg.

Sponsored post courtesy of Bev Bucks.

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How to…Shake, Muddle and Stir – 8/22 – $5!

Learn how to craft the perfect cocktail!

Brooklyn Brewery – 79 N 11th St New York, NY
Wednesday, August 22nd 2012, from 7:30pm to 10:00pm

Learn the tricks of the trade from those who know best.

The Stand NY will teach us How to Create a Beer Cocktail, Bittermens will teach us How to Incorporate Bitters into Cocktails, NY Distilling Co. will teach us How to Make a Barrel Aged Cocktail.

Delicious treats will be available for purchase from the Food Freaks Truck, and of course, Brooklyn Brewery beers will be available for $5.

Buy tickets

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NYC’s First Aguardiente Spirit Bar Launches Saturday!

Party with us! We are excited to bring to Greenpoint (and nowhere else) the First Aguardiente Spirit Bar, and unveil our new spanking dinner menu and awesome vibrant look.

Known as ‘Fiery Water,’ Aguardiente is the premier spirit of Colombia.

$4 Colombian Mojitos • $4 Margaritas • $3 Aguardiente Shots • Great food and dinner!

Join us celebrating the launch of our bar!

Cafecito Bogota
1015 Manhattan Ave.

Sponsored post courtesy of Cafecito Bogota.

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