Human@Ease's Next B.E.S.T Program Begins March 30th

Today is Fat Tuesday so get all the eating and drinking out of your system and start a new fitness and wellness plan for Spring.

Looking and feeling great doesn’t just happen; you do have to work for it – but you don’t have to work on it alone. Human@Ease’s B.E.S.T. Plan takes all the guess work out of diet and exercise so that you are informed and ready to take action on your fitness goals. Their next session begins March 30th.

Train with Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Fitness Competitor, Dishan Elise as she guides you through a comprehensive program that explores all the trap doors in your life preventing you from doing your personal best in every area of your life.

What is the Intense B.E.S.T 12-Week Group Program?

This innovative program designed to create personal BEST’s and radical breakthroughs.  After this program you will be equipped to not only conquer your fitness goals, but also to develop yourself as a leader in all aspects of your life.


The Intense B.E.S.T is a 12-week group program in which we accept individuals on a case by case basis.  Since the workout is focused and personal, it is limited to a small group of 6 clients, so an interview and screening process is required to establish fitness level, goals, and level of commitment. The group aspect helps build motivation, accountability and support.

We develop a game plan incorporating classes, detox, personal training, life & nutritional coaching – all in a supportive, friendly and confidential group setting. Structure and accountability is managed and maintained through a staff of 26 wellness professionals committed to each member of the group.

Apply now or learn more here.

Sponsored post courtesy of Human@Ease.

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