Artwork by Tamara Garvey


We all know how crafty Greenpointers are, well, now we have a new 1500 square foot classroom in the Pencil Factory studios that will be teaching classes beginning in October. (BB)

What’s young, bearded and likes to ride bikes in Greenpoint? Hipsters? Try Afghan Vets. (Brokelyn)

Steve Levin won by a landslide, but he may not win the hearts of Greenpointers when it comes to bringing TV show tourists to our “calm, humble” neighborhood. (Greenpoint Gazette)

Recent reports from real estate insiders now say the difference in cost of an apartment in Greenpoint versus downtown Manhattan is only $300. (NY DailyNews)


Homeless people are stabbing each other with ice picks at Greenpoint’s least favorite place ever.

And you thought that our neighbors to the south already had enough bars, over 100 Williamsburg businesses are applying for liquor licenses this month alone. (DNA Info)



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    1. that is not based on greenpointers’ personal opinion (we believe local homeless shelters are extremely important) – it is based on the millions of negative comments we receive when we post about anything to do with the homeless shelters in the area. have you attended meetings with regards to the shelters? would not use the term bourgeois there.

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