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I’d just like to get this right out of the way and say that black magic works. I’ve dabbled in the dark arts and after all of the proper blood rites have been performed and incantations memorized, I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted.

Xi’an Famous Foods has opened a location closer to me than their East Village spot. Their new location in Greenpoint (86 Beadel St) is a ten minute walk from my house, and I’d personally like to thank the Dark Lord Clothos for making this possible.

For those of you not familiar with Xi’an in all its spicy glory, allow us to show you the way. Originally from Flushing, with two outposts in Manhattan, Xi’an Famous Foods has consistently been credited with helping the resurgence of traditional Chinese food here in New York. Specializing in traditional Western Chinese cuisine, Xi’an represents conventional Americanized Chinese food in much the same way the croissanwich represents French food. A very different beast indeed.


Focusing on authentic Western Chinese spices and ingredients, the dishes at Xi’an are some of the most innovative and welcomingly numbing we’ve ever had. Some of the most popular dishes include the Liang Pi “Cold Skin” Noodles, Savory Cumin Lamb Burger, Stewed Pork Burger, Lamb Pao Mo Soup, and various types of Wide Hand-Pulled “Biang Biang” Noodles. Amazing.

The new Greenpoint store is more of a glorified prep/distribution hub than actual sit down restaurant. There are only three stools in the store and you’re probably better off grabbing your Lamb Burger to go, but mother of all that is arcane are we grateful for this new spot. Xi’an’s is cash only and one of the best ways we’ve come across for proof that black magic works. Next up: summoning an elder god.

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  1. I spend a couple months working in Shannxi where Xi’an is the capitol and when I got back to NYC all I could think of is the cuisine of SP. Couldn’t fin it anywhere in NYC until I discovered Xi’an FF’s. It’s the real deal. I wouldn’t call it so much “innovative” as it is authentic. The food is NW Chinese Soul Food. Nothing groundbreaking here except that it’s now in NY. And thank God they’re doing it right. Because the Chinese food in NYC is unrecognizable in China. Shiny, goopy and sweet. It wouldn’t pass for a dog’s dinner in China. Hopefully other Chinese proprietors will get inspired by XFF and figure out that they don’t need to water down and bastardize their native recipes for Westerners anymore.

  2. Thanks for this heads up! Had no idea they had this small spot in Greenpoint. Walked over there today, and it was delicious.

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