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With January seeing a few pizza-related shake ups around Greenpoint (the closings of Franklin Pizza and Carmine’s), it’s comforting to know that a new parlor is ready to step up should any other beloved shut down.

Best Margarita Pizza (172 Norman Ave) has decent competition (Vinnie’s and Carmine’s Original Pizza are nearby), but sets itself apart by close supervision – the proprietor, Karim Ahmed, oversees the parlor and does so with love.

Although four pizzas are consistently on offer, Margarita, Sicilian, Artichoke, and Crab, Ahmed touted the restaurant’s namesake above all others, hinting that he named it as such for a very good reason. For a New York slice, Ahmed’s effort is well above average.

The sauce was that coveted combination of sweet and savory, and no shaker cheese was needed:  in addition to the four cheeses on this slice, it’s generously speckled with a parmesan that nicely melted into the rest of the topping. As a welcome departure from New York pizzerias throwing a slice in for a minute or two, the temperature was served just right. In addition to the oil that forms from the cheese itself, hints of olive oil and fresh basil were also detected.

Another welcome change to the usual inconsistent crusts of Greenpoint, this pizza’s base was not overly doughy, but not like eating a glorified cracker, either.


Ahmed is also proud of his artichoke pie, and rightly so. It’s a white pizza with a twist.  Although Ahmed is mum about the full list of ingredients required for one of his creations, he seems to have incorporated one of the parlor’s many soups (my guess is the lobster bisque) into its sauce.  Although this may not sound appetizing in theory, in practice it makes for a beyond satisfying and hearty meal seemingly designed for a winter day when you’re craving a bowl of soup with some thick bread.

Best Margarita’s other offerings include a variety of soups, a few meat sandwiches, and desserts such as traditional Italian zeppoles and not-so-traditional fried Oreos. Ahmed’s latest addition to the menu is a mango blaster, which tastes like a mango lassi with a bit more oomph. For those who need not worry about their lactose intake, it goes eerily well with the artichoke slice.

Due to being a small space with just a window side counter for hanging around, Best Margarita thrives on its free delivery (it recently maxed out on a bitter Saturday night).  There’s little else more perfect than a piping hot, hearty pizza delivered straight to your door on a cold New York night, especially one made with such care as Best Margarita’s.

Best Margarita Pizza is located at 172 Norman Ave. Hour: Everday, 11am–11pm. Cash only. (718) 389 1600.

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  1. Carmine’s has since reopened and the slices are great. It hasn’t been remodeled and I assume that the areas of concern were in the basement and back. Been eating their pizza for many decades now and am glad he’s back.

  2. Im interested to try this place. my favs in the neighborhood are triangolo, vinnies and italy pizza. I used to go to carmines till one time i went in there and the old man had a gaping flesh wound on his arm and continued to make pizzas without covering the wound. Best Margarita kinda sounds like an artichoke pizza for greenpoint, and that’s not a bad thing!

  3. i’ve been frequenting this place since it opened and the crab slice is SO GOOD!!! i think its better than vinnie’s & the owner is such a nice dude

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