How To Support Local Restaurants and Bars During The Covid Crisis

An empty Anella, pre-shutdown.

One of the best things about Greenpoint is our abundance of fantastic restaurants (some Michelin-starred, many highly praised by food critics and locals) and bars with amazing cocktails, and the hardworking and friendly staff that run them. In a very sad turn of events, all bars and restaurants in New York City have been closed to the public this week per government orders, to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Restaurants can, however, still serve food for pickup and takeout. As a result, liquor laws have been loosened so people can pick up and take away alcoholic beverages, including cocktails.

This is an unprecedented time for our state and for New York City. Currently, more than 15,000 people have signed a petition to Governor Cuomo to offer Relief For All Restaurants (ROAR) by a variety of measures. The petition was started by and is supported by dozens of restaurants all over the city, including some in North Brooklyn.

We don’t know how long the shutdown will be in effect, but it could be many months. And that’s a very long time for restaurant workers and small businesses to not receive an income. Very quickly this week, the air has been sucked out of the heart and soul of Greenpoint, along with the rest of New York City. So we’ve made a list of local restaurants and their current status.

If it’s an option, restaurants are encouraging patrons to order over the phone or directly instead of through an app—that way the money goes directly to the restaurants and staff instead of to a third party. You should check the restaurant or bar’s Instagram account (linked in their name) or call them to verify what they’re offering, as that’s changing by the hour. Continue reading

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Beloved Oasis Falafel Opens New Greenpoint Outpost

The Falafel has Landed

Whether drunk, skint, in a hurry or just plain hungry, the $3 falafel sandwich from Oasis next to the Bedford L is without doubt one of the best value dinners in the area. And, as of last week, they have a new outpost…in Greenpoint!

Perched on a corner of McGuinness, Oasis of Greenpoint (230, Calyer St) is not in the most beguiling of locations but, when I called in on Sunday afternoon, the place tried hard to live up to its name. The sun was streaming through the huge glass windows and a very happy flow of customers came through, many exclaiming that they were fans of the Williamsburg branch and how delighted they were that one had opened in our hood. Continue reading

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Review: Xi’an Famous Foods Opens Greenpoint Outpost

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I’d just like to get this right out of the way and say that black magic works. I’ve dabbled in the dark arts and after all of the proper blood rites have been performed and incantations memorized, I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted.

Xi’an Famous Foods has opened a location closer to me than their East Village spot. Their new location in Greenpoint (86 Beadel St) is a ten minute walk from my house, and I’d personally like to thank the Dark Lord Clothos for making this possible.

For those of you not familiar with Xi’an in all its spicy glory, allow us to show you the way. Originally from Flushing, with two outposts in Manhattan, Xi’an Famous Foods has consistently been credited with helping the resurgence of traditional Chinese food here in New York. Specializing in traditional Western Chinese cuisine, Xi’an represents conventional Americanized Chinese food in much the same way the croissanwich represents French food. A very different beast indeed.

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Review: Best Margarita Pizza Comes To Greenpoint

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With January seeing a few pizza-related shake ups around Greenpoint (the closings of Franklin Pizza and Carmine’s), it’s comforting to know that a new parlor is ready to step up should any other beloved shut down.

Best Margarita Pizza (172 Norman Ave) has decent competition (Vinnie’s and Carmine’s Original Pizza are nearby), but sets itself apart by close supervision – the proprietor, Karim Ahmed, oversees the parlor and does so with love.

Although four pizzas are consistently on offer, Margarita, Sicilian, Artichoke, and Crab, Ahmed touted the restaurant’s namesake above all others, hinting that he named it as such for a very good reason. For a New York slice, Ahmed’s effort is well above average.

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