Writer’s Fund

Total Raised since January 1st, 2013: $860

Greenpointers.com serves as a creative outlet for writers, photographers and artists in North Brooklyn and is dedicated to creating interesting and useful content for our readers. Until now, contributions have been on a volunteer basis.

In order to begin to compensate our contributors, we have created a Writer’s Fund which gives readers and supporters the opportunity to directly support the creative community in Greenpoint, and chose the type of content you want!

• Each $25 donation pays a writer to create an article for the website.
($20 to contributor + $5 editor/processing fee)

• Our 2013 Writer’s Fund Goal: $5000
= 200 posts @ $25/post (approx. 3-4 posts per week)

• Donation perks:
$25 & up: A Special Thank You at the top of the post & on Writer’s Fund Page (links to your website/twitter, etc.)
$50 & up: Thank You + Greenpointers.com tote bag
$100 & up:Thank You (with logo) + Greenpointers.com tote bag + 2012 Greenpointers Photo Book

• How to donate:
1. Make a donation via paypal here.
2. Mail a check written to Greenpointers to 50-52 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

• When you donate:
1. Chose *type of editorial content: Community, Eat & Drink, Art, Music, Fashion, Events
2. Include link to your website/twitter/etc (plus 150x150px logo if applicable)
3. Include mailing address for perks

* Specific editorial content is determined by writer and editor and will not be used as advertisements for products or services. If left blank, editor choses content category as needed.

Thanks for your continued support of Greenpointers.com!

A Special Thanks To Our 2013 Writer’s Fund Donors

Raised By Wolves
Tommy Kwak
Poetry Teachers NYC

Our Valentine’s Market Raffle raised over $500 for our Writer’s Fund!

Thanks to the following businesses for donating prizes:

Paulie Gee, Selamat Pagi, Fives Leaves, In God We Trust, Dalaga, The Richardson, Freckle, Human@Ease, Word, Her Majesty Hot Sauce, Brouwerij Lane, Greenpoint Trading Co, Greenpoint Heights, Black Rabbit, Brooklyn Brainery, Cato’s Army Navy, Yoonmi Lee, The Little Class Slipper, SW Basics


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