Battle of Brooklyn – The Exhibition

Soldiers in Uniform by Jean Baptiste Antoine de Verger, ca. 1781–84
Soldiers in Uniform by Jean Baptiste Antoine de Verger, ca. 1781–84

Opening September 23 at The New York Historical Society, The Battle of Brooklyn will examine the first major battle of the American Revolutionary War, which took place around Brooklyn Heights and Gowanus in late August 1776. Brooklyn landmarks like Fort Hamilton, Old Stone House, Cobble Hill Fort, Green-Wood Cemetery and Fulton Landing were among many strategic locations in this crucial battle, in which the Continental Army fought bravely against the mighty British force.

The Battle of Brooklyn was a major part of American history that happened right here in our backyards but is often overlooked in stories of the founding of our nation,” said Louise Mirrer, President and CEO of the New-York Historical Society. “On the surface it could be seen as a moment of defeat, but this exhibition will show the resilience and strength of New Yorkers, who fought bravely and endured occupation of their city before finally becoming independent and free citizens.”

With more than 100 objects documenting major political and military figures, the dynamic debates over independence, and the artifacts of combat and British occupation, the exhibition will convey the atmosphere of New York City as it faced invasion by a British force that exceeded its own population.

An animated media piece on a projection table will dynamically show the order of events, depicting troop movements, the passage of time, and the skillful British maneuver that upended the American defenses and could have finished them for good. A custom-built model of the Vechte farmhouse (today’s Old Stone House in Gowanus) hidden within the projection table will illustrate one of the battle’s most dramatic moments: the outnumbered Maryland regiment fighting on to allow their fellow soldiers time to retreat across Gowanus Creek.

An off-site walking tour on October 15 will tour the battlefield and find little-known monuments that commemorate the heroes of the battle. Curator-led exhibition gallery tours at the New-York Historical Society will also take place on October 21 and December 5.

The Battle of Brooklyn
at The New York Historical Society
170 Central Park West, New York, NY
On View September 23, 2016 – January 8, 2017

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Greenpoint Tattoo Guide Part 1 – Three Kings Tattoo

Greenpoint currently has four tattoo shops, each with their own vibe, style, and specialties. Whether you’re a tattoo collector, planning a custom piece, or just seeking a small meaningful mark on your skin, finding the right match is never as easy at it seems.

The best way to check places out is to go by and look through the artists’ books found on the front counter of most shops. After you’ve looked at designs, notice the quality of lines in various artist’s work and the way tattoos are placed on people’s bodies. Greenpoint’s tattoo shops are so close you can check them all out in one afternoon.

First Stop: Three Kings Tattoo

Three Kings Tattoo – Photo © T. Joseph

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Sidewalk Art Fair This Weekend To Support Clinton Campaign

Sidewalk fair for Hillary

Want to support your favorite candidate and get some sweet art to hang on your apartment walls? A neighborhood sidewalk fair—featuring artwork from dozens of well-known contemporary artists—will raise money for Hillary Clinton and the down-ticket Senate and Congressional candidates this weekend in Williamburg.

HUMBOLDT STREET FOR HILLARY: DEM JAM 2016 will take place from 2-6 pm on Humboldt Street between Skillman and Jackson in Williamsburg, 3 blocks from the Graham Avenue L train stop this Sunday, September 25.

Hillary T-shirt design by Wendy White
T-shirt design by Wendy White

This charming D.I.Y. event will feature all kinds of homemade food (including Exotic Hot Dogs: Chicago, Kimchi & Muffaletta, Vegetable Ban Mi, BBQ Brisket & Carnitas Buns
Fruit & Veggie Skewers, A Cornucopia of Homemade Baked Goods and Candies, Togarashi Popcorn, Little Kids’ Lemonade), beverages and bake sale items, strolling fiddlers and ukelele players, beanbag games designed by artist David Sandlin, beautiful crafts by Renee Riccardo, Rhonda Wall, Robin Goldwasser and others, t-shirts designed by Wendy White and silkscreened on-site by Kayrock Screenprinting, art book sale by Paul Laster, and a silent auction of works by many contemporary artists. Continue reading

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Weekend Art Roundup: Sept 16 – 20

Bill Murray inquiring about lemonade out front of Paulie Gee's.
Bill Murray inquiring about lemonade outside of Paulie Gee’s.

Hey guys,

There are exactly 10 cool things happening and around Greenpoint this weekend. Eleven if you count Bill Murray bartending at 21 Greenpoint, but that doesn’t count, does it? There are at least 10 cool things happening this weekend.

I double dog dare you to get to more than three of these events. Choose wisely!

See you in the streets,



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Weekend Music: We Call Him Double Down (9/15 – 9/18)

For you nightcrawlers, here are the big names in town:

Bethlehem Steel finishes a two-week tour in Bushwick tonight (9/15). Saturday night in Williamsburg it’s Nada Surf.


Both Friday and Saturday night, Godspeed You! Black Emperor plays alongside professional dancer types.

Godspeed is terming it “a searing indictment of the daily grind,” for Fine Arts majors patient enough to take the G train down to Fulton.

There’s also salsa dancing to live music on Saturday night, and modern folk and jazz choices for Sunday right in town.

Details for all the shows below. Continue reading

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Thursday Spotlight: Michelle McLaughlin of Calyer Ceramics

Michelle Smith McLaughlin, Calyer Ceramics
Michelle Smith McLaughlin, Calyer Ceramics

If you’ve ever sought out quality ceramics in our nabe, you’ve no doubt discovered a crowded market. And yet Calyer Ceramics has managed to break through and shine. Founder Michelle McLaughlin grew this independent, creative brand from the ground up, starting out in her own apartment.

We recently met over coffee to discuss the craft and what it takes to grow a creative business… Continue reading

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FREE Tuesday Night Screenings at Brooklyn Night Bazaar Starting Tonight! (9/18)

Knife in the Water (Noz W Wodzie) was the first feature film effort of Polish director Roman Polanski.

Yay, comeback kid Brooklyn Bazaar has made its way back to Greenpoint and has reimagined the Polonaise building (150 Greenpoint Ave) to bring us a neighborhood funhouse equipped with a restaurant, live music, mini golf, ping-pong, private room karaoke, a night market, and now FREE Tuesday night movie screenings starting tonight! 

In partnership with Nitehawk Cinema, tonight’s screening features Polish director Roman Polanski’s first feature film Noz W Wodzie (Knife in the Water), and is an appropriate choice for a neighborhood known as Little Poland in a venue where many Polish weddings took place.

Screening starts at 8PM. RSVP here. Continue reading

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Greenpoint’s Sexy Underground Cinema & Supperclub

Orgone Cineclub
Popcorn on chairs at Orgone Cineclub. All photos via Orgone Cineclub.

Orgone Cineclub is a film and supperclub series organized by Mavi Phillips (Orgone Productions) and Nikki Cohen (This Place), hosted at Greenpoint’s Magick City (37 Box Street). Mavi’s a filmmaker, while Nikki’s background is in event planning, and she also occasionally DJs for The Lot Radio. Many of the films that have inspired Mavi’s work are boundary-pushing cathartic surrealist journeys challenging taboos around female sexuality and cultural norms. Together, the pair are bringing rare films and a Brooklyn-casual dinner party setting to a creative crowd. It’s cinema chic, with a sexy throwback vibe.

The name Orgone refers to a pseudoscientific concept proposed in the 1930s by Austrian psychoanalyst Whilem Reich. He suggests it’s a sexual and universal life force meant to be harnessed for therapeutic use. Orgone Cineclub borrows the name to reference juxtaposing extremes: narrative, documentary, journalism, and fashion films that create visually sensual experiences in unexpected ways, hoping to awaken viewers and provoke good old-fashioned conversation. Orgone Cineclub presents an atmosphere where guests are encouraged to interact with strangers—in a world where a majority of our daily human connection is digital, it feels totally unique and stimulating. Continue reading

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Weekend Music: Hook ‘Em Horns!

Hard to concentrate on telling you about Greenpoint shows, I keep re-playing Metallica’s new track on my speakers after what sixty years since their last release. And I’m not even a Metallica guy.

Parked next door on the couch is my 78-year old Turkish mother-in-law barking Çok guzel! at the music. In Turk-speak, that’s the equivalent of wiggling devil fingers in delight.

Around town this weekend, we’ve got drag queen disco at Good Room, punks & Detroit rock at Sunnyvale and Shea Stadium, and a Slip ‘N Slide with musical accompaniment outside Roberta’s. Continue reading

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Greenpoint Gallery’s 4th Annual National Juried Art Competition: $5,000 Cash Prize


The 4th Annual Greenpoint Gallery National Juried Art Competition is now accepting applicants. The winner of Best in Show in this national competition will receive a $5,000 cash prize and a solo show and three runner-up artists will be awarded $250 each and a slot in a group show.

2015's Grand Prize Winner: Isaac McCaslin, Spectacularly Dying, oil on canvas, 60 in. x 50 in. 2014-c
2015’s Grand Prize Winner: Isaac McCaslin, Spectacularly Dying, oil on canvas, 60 in. x 50 in.

The Greenpoint Gallery has over a decade-long history of excellence, having exhibited thousands of artists and awarded nearly $100,000 in prize money.

Enter today!  Only the first 300 applications will be accepted.

More details here, good luck!

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