Pete Wells, restaurant critic for The New York Times, came out with his list of 100 best NYC restaurants today. Surprisingly, only six North Brooklyn spots made the 2024 list, down from nine on last year’s list.

In 2023, eight of the represented restaurants were in Williamsburg, with only one Greenpoint spot. Falansai (112 Harrison Pl.), a Vietnamese restaurant in Bushwick and Williamsburg’s popular Italian joint Lilia (567 Union Ave.) were both left out this year. The only representative from Greenpoint on last year’s list, Taqueria Ramírez (94 Franklin St.), was also shockingly knocked off this year’s list. 

Tacos from Greenpoint’s popular Taqueria Ramírez. Photo: Taqueria Ramírez’s Instagram

Some of this year’s represented restaurants in North Brooklyn moved up on the list while others were knocked down. All six are in Williamsburg, and the list does not include any in Greenpoint.

The Williamsburg highlights kick off with The Four Horsemen (295 Grand St.), a classic with a Michelin star, at #17, which is 19 spots higher than last year. 

Sister restaurant to Lilia, Misi (329 Kent Ave.), is #41, which is 2 spots lower than last year. 


Aska (47 South Fifth St.), a Scandinavian spot with a tasting menu, comes in at #61, which is 45 spots lower than last year.

Le Crocodile’s quarter chicken and fries. Photo: Le Crocodile

The Wythe Hotel’s Le Crocodile (80 Wythe Ave.) is next at #67, which is 12 spots higher than last year.

Birria-Landia (491 Metropolitan Ave.), which the list notes is in Jackson Heights, also has a location in Williamsburg. It came in at #70, which is a whooping 52 spots lower than last year. 

Anticuchos from Llama Inn. Photo: Eric Medsker

At #76, Llama Inn (50 Withers St.) is the last restaurant in North Brooklyn on the list. It moved down 6 spots.

It’s somewhat surprising that one critically-acclaimed local spot in particular did not grace the list. Greenpoint’s Ilis (150 Green St.) just opened this past October from a Noma co-founder and has garnered a slew of press ever since, but did not show up on the The New York Times‘ list. 

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