If you’ve been wondering why there’s suddenly a line snaking around Oak Street most evenings, it’s because Greenpoint is now home to some incredibly tasty tacos at Taqueria Ramirez (94 Franklin Street).

Founders Tania Apolinar and Giovanni Cervantes make Mexico City style tacos. They had been in the neighborhood for a few years, working at COLONY Studios (67 West Street). As with several new restaurants opening up in Greenpoint over the past month, the pandemic offered the duo an opportunity to sign a lease. 

“I spend most of my time in the neighborhood; we really don’t get out of here!” Tania laughs. “You know, you kind of find your spots and the places you like and you stay there, so that’s why we kept our eyes on it for a while, to find a spot in the neighborhood. We saw a couple places, but when we saw this one, it was just perfect for us.” The space is open and airy, with an exposed kitchen that Tania says is very classic for Mexico City style taquerias. 

They stew three of the meats – the suadero, longaniza, and tripa, together in the choricera, a large metal bowl where all the flavors and juices can simmer together for hours. They also offer al pastor, sliced fresh off the rotating spit, and nopales, which is a crunchy and bright cactus mix. Most of the tacos are $4, though the tripa is $5. They don’t serve alcohol, but they have Topo Chico or Mexican Coke if you’re thirsty. 

Clearly, Taqueria Ramirez is the place to be. In a span of five minutes, my boyfriend and I sat sandwiched between a prominent film critic and the titular Paulie of the Paulie Gee’s pizza empire, before spotting my Greenpointers editor Melissa on the street. But it’s not just locals queueing up around the block – Tania says they’ve been getting folks from all over the city excited to try their tacos.


My boyfriend and I messily devoured the tacos, our hands stained with the jus of various meats. We ate them too quickly to take note of which tacos had been set in front of us, but rest assured, they were all delicious. The lines might be long, but they move fast. Though word to the wise, the colorful plastic plates that your order comes on are not disposable. They don’t do take-out, unless you bring your own container (according to their Instagram).

Taqueria Ramirez is open Wednesday through Sunday from 5-10 PM. The line starts snaking down the block long before 5…

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