Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

With the end of daylight savings time giving us more sunshine coupled with the milder temperatures of the past few days, spring has finally given us some indication that it’s on that way. 

Mesiba is bringing the flavors of the Levant to the newly opened Moxy Williamsburg hotel. Enerugi Ramen quietly opened on Manhattan Avenue, but it’s quickly becoming a new favorite. 

In need of some St. Paddy’s day plans? Find out your best bets for a pint of Guinness, cook up this cozy Irish stew, make your way over to Greenpoint Shul for an Irish Shabbat dinner, or read up on St. Paddy’s days past with this slice of Greenpoint history. 

Local community groups in South Williamsburg are stepping up to address digital accessibility and learning among the Latinx population. The state’s Public Service Commission just rejected National Grid’s plan to add two new vaporizers to its Greenpoint facility.


Keep your eyes peeled for this grand-in-scale exhibition from artist Sharone Halevy. Proprietors, a vintage store, just opened up, as well as a few new weed shops (of dubious — doobie-us? — legality). Dog-friendly cafe Boris & Horton is expanding into Williamsburg.

We just wrapped up our campaign to highlight favorite memories of Park Church Co-op. Is your name Dierdre? Someone might be looking for you (in a non-creepy, romantic way, we hope!)

Remember Raïf, whose friends were raising money to get him a new service dog? Meet Woodstock, his adorable new pooch!

In and around North Brooklyn

Local business owners are disturbed by the effects of constant construction at the Metropolitan Avenue/Lorimer Street station.

House, the restaurant at the 50 Norman food hall, has a tasting menu that’s gotten the food world buzzing.

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