To use the parlance of our times, dog ownership in North Brooklyn is in a little bit of a “flop era” (no offense to the responsible dog owners out there, full offense for the irresponsible ones who don’t pick up after their pet and force communal greenspace to shut down). And we totally get it — frankly, there aren’t enough places in the area where dogs and humans can peacefully (and sanitarily) coexist. 

So we at Greenpointers are pleased to announce the arrival of a Williamsburg location of Boris & Horton, the East Village cafe that bills itself as “New York’s first dog-friendly cafe.”

“Boris & Horton is New York’s first Department of Health approved dog-friendly café where customers are welcome to bring their own dogs inside,” the cafe’s website. “In addition to serving great coffee, beer, wine and snacks, Boris & Horton also hosts adoption events and fundraisers with the hope that many dogs find their forever homes here.”

Boris & Horton first opened in 2018, the brainchild of owners Coppy Holzman and Logan Mikhly (and yes, Boris and Horton are their real dogs). Last August, What Now New York reported about the team’s plans to expand into Williamsburg with a second location, at 510 Driggs Avenue. What Now New York also reports that Boris & Horton is looking to acquire a liquor license.

While the team revealed on Instagram that the new location is still at least two months away from opening, we’re sure it will be greeted with open arms, considering that North Brooklyn is home to three times as many dogs as the citywide average (according to City Councilmember Lincoln Restler’s office).


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