Yaki Tiki, a new edition to the A/D/O (29 Norman Ave.) outdoor space launched two weeks ago and merges Japanese yakitori-style cuisine and tiki drinks.

The outdoor grill

Yaki Tiki is a partnership between the Sunday in Brooklyn hospitality team (Todd Enany, Adam Landsman, Exec Chef Jaime Young, and bar director Brian Evans), as well as JT Vuong and George Padilla (formerly of Okonomi and YUJI Ramen).

We stopped by last weekend to try some yakitori skewers and boozy popsicles; everything we sampled was delicious, check out the pictures:


Maitake w sansho lime; shishito w nori, lemon; potato salad

Chicken w gremolata; swordfish w ginger; grilled sticky rice balls
Housemade boozy popsicle
Housemade boozy popsicle
Barley iced tea; frozen shochu
The menu

Yaki  Tiki is open every Saturday & Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the outdoor garden area of A/D/O.

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