Flooded India Street on 5/29 (via Jonathan Vanasco)

The India Street pier entrance has been flooding for months during rain episodes and multiple people have reached out to Greenpointers with photos from last night’s flooded commute.

Flooded India Street next to “The Greenpoint” on 5/29 during the rain (via Sean Hart)

“I love the ferry, I feel like most people in Greenpoint who take it, love it,” said Sean Hart, a Greenpoint resident who takes the ferry at India Street approximately three to five times per week.

The flooded India Street entrance on 5/29 during the rain (via Sean Hart)

But Hart’s love for the ferry has come with multiple instances of dodging the flood waters on India Street next to “The Greenpoint” development, where pedestrians are prohibited from accessing the new walkway that is policed by construction workers.

“A few months ago, I went to take the ferry, it was on a rainy day as well, and I noticed a similar level of flood and I wasn’t sure what to do,” Hart said.

“I remember even stepping over to the area where the condo is and I remember there was a pretty rude angry foreman,” he said.

The flooded India Street entrance on 5/29 during the rain (via Sean Hart)

“That area has become a mess where the construction is. The way it looked yesterday, it looks like there’s no efforts being made to do anything about it,” Hart said, adding that he submitted a complaint to 311 and the NYC Ferry on Instagram.

The entrance to “The Greenpoint”

More commuters posted their images from last night’s harrowing walk to the ferry on India Street :

The flood waters had receded from the pedestrian walkway on India Street by Thursday morning.

The problem, Hart suspects, is that 311 complaints only go so far as the flood waters quickly recede following the rain: “The lady on 311 this morning said ‘Is there flooding there right now,’ and I said ‘I don’t know,’ adding that the flood waters come and go.

“The pier is fine, once you’re there it’s not an issue. Personally, I feel that the building should take more responsibility for what’s going on there,” Hart said.

The flooded India Street entrance on 5/29 during the rain (via Sean Hart)
The India Street Pier


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  1. The building should definitely take responsibility, this is a recurring problem in all sorts of weather scenarios. The path they cleared for pedestrians in the winter was covered in ice and snow while the dry areas were reserved for contractor parking. They made sure that attendants were present so that you could not walk through the areas with no ice too. I can’t believe NYC approved this build and did not regulate it at all. Really unsafe conditions for daily commuters.

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