A System Wide Meltdown Hit the G train hard! Via The Village Voice

The pace of change is swift here in the city, what with permits for new developments constantly being filed (like these for 85 and 87 Calyer Street), but this week, area residents are remembering the bygone gems of the early aughts, like Monkeytown, the performing arts paradise which began in a loft space at 222 Leonard street in 2003. (For those looking to relive the glory, Monkeytown may make an appearance in Mexico City later this year.)

Speaking of entertainment paradises — Newtown Creek! Really. The Newtown Creek Alliance’s long-term plan involves 85 projects along the waterway “that tie industry and recreation—without one compromising the other.” 

On the topic of plans, a package plot recently went down in Williamsburg. This is not the first mail heist in the neighborhood. Who among us could forget the $10,000 worth of stamps stolen from the Greenpoint post office last year? While this plan was not nearly as ambitious, the capers did make off with two packages from a building at Lorimer and Scholes Streets. 

Not all plans were as successfully carried out last Thursday, as the subway descended into chaos. A system-wide melt down during the evening rush hour stranded millions across the city, and trapped G train passengers in the tunnel between stations for two full hours.

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