Laura Estroff, Head Colorist & Amy Bradbury, Head Stylist at Kennaland

If you’re well into a season defined by hat hair and rogue static, check out the next piece of wisdom in our Winter Survival Guide series from Kennaland stylist Amy Bradbury and colorist Laura Estroff who delivered their mane knowledge to us. Check out our previous winter survival interviews here, here and here, and here.

HAIRCARE: KENNALAND | 113 Franklin Street
Amy Bradbury, Head Stylist & Laura Estroff, Head Colorist

Greenpointers: What are the biggest changes that your hair goes through in the winter months?

Amy Bradbury: It tends to be more dry so a lot more people need to use a heavier conditioner or a mask and use products that help with a drier scalp for dandruff or static.

Laura Estroff: Also, your hair tends to get really tangled on the ends due to scarves or hoods or hats, so using moisturizing products is huge, as well as masks. A lot of people also have hat hair from their hats so something like a dry shampoo will help reduce the oil and give you a little more life and volume.


GP: Does your hair tend to grow faster or slower in the winter?

LE: I don’t know that it grows faster or slower, but as far as color is concerned, a lot of people find that their hair is darker in the winter because you’re not getting those natural highlights from the sun and your color isn’t oxidizing as fast because of the sun. Darker brunettes generally want a few sun-kissed highlights to brighten things up and blondes find that their roots are so much darker in the wintertime. It’s not actually that it’s darker, it’s just that you’re not exposing your hair to the sun as much.

GP: Do you recommend that people trim their hair more or less in the winter?

AB: I feel like a lot of people in the fall or the winter cut their hair shorter. It’s a good time to do that because if you take time to style it you can leave it for a few extra days, whereas in the summer you get sweaty and you wash it more often.

LE: If you’re considering bangs or a fringe, the fall or winter is a good time to try it out because of the lack of the humidity. You can also hide it under a hat and your hat will flatten it out!

GP: Are you noticing any trends in Greenpoint right now in terms of cuts and colors?

AB: Lobs are big and curtain bangs are big. Everyone is asking for curtain bangs that are long and they sweep to the sides. It’s a Brigitte Bardot kind of look.

LE: As far as color, I find that people are going more natural. A lot of my platinum blondes are wanting a more natural blonde and now is a good time to transition because they can hide their roots under hats and start the growing out process. By the summer time, they’ll be in a beachy blonde realm rather than full on platinum. A lot of people who have brunette hair and have had an ombré are wanting that to be more natural or go dark again. I don’t know if that’s a nationwide trend, but going more natural is what I’ve noticed more of in Greenpoint lately.

GP: What’s your favorite things to do in Greenpoint in the winter?

AB: We go to Ramona [113 Franklin St] a lot because it’s so homey. There are a lot of great places though. I like Oak & Iron [147 Franklin St] and I just went to Goldie’s [195 Nassau Ave] the other night which was such a cute place. Black Rabbit [91 Greenpoint Ave] is also great because they have the fireplace going in the winter.

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