Caroline Larsen, Acid Flowers, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 20 inches, 2017

Parting & Together
Greenpoint Hill | 100 Freeman St
Opening Reception: Friday, September 15 | 7–10pm
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Greenpoint Hill’s newest show features works from all-female artists ranging from hand-painted digital prints to ceramics to paintings. “The works share an emphasis on materiality. Just as Elizabeth Murray’s painting, an oil painting on a rectangle, was pushed to 3-d objecthood by rotating the canvas about 45 degrees, the work in this exhibition does not simply exist as 2-dimensional image.  In Maria Caladra’s work, this shift occurs more subtly, through the mark-making. The work in Parting and Together asks for a more intimate viewing experience.”

Ky Anderson, art for Nha Mnh

2017 Menu Arts Exhibition
Nha Minh | 485 Morgan Ave
Opening Reception: Friday, September 15 | 7–10pm
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Vietnamese restaurant and gallery Nha Minh invited artists to redesign their menu, and Friday night kicks off an exhibit of the original artwork that will be featured on their menu over the next year. “Artists were asked to reimagine our fonts, logo, produce fan art, or offer a darker take on our esteemed establishment. Some took us literally, some created pure abstraction. We will be celebrating with Tak on the platters, and a live set from NYC based Talibam! Complimentary drinks and appetizers will be served! A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the good folks at the ACLU.


Play It As It Lays – Cortney Andrews at 106 Green

Play It as It Lays
106 Green | 106 Green St
Closing Reception: Saturday Sept 16 & Sunday, September 17 gallery hours are 12-5pm; On Sunday, they will have a casual closing gathering from 5:30-8pm at Oak and Iron (147 Franklin St).
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This installation by Cortney Andrews consists of a video, photographs, text, chairs, and glasses. “Throughout the exhibition, boundaries are blurred. Andrews covers the gallery floor with the same glasses that appear in the video, further dissolving the separation between performer and audience, observer and observed, dominant and submissive. Play It as It Lays is both a reference and homage to Joan Didion’s novel of the same name. Mirroring Didion’s protagonist, Andrews poses an existential question: Despite overwhelming awareness that life is a game composed largely of uncertainties, arbitrary rules, empty desires, false exteriors, and meaningless conformity…we continue to play.”

Cate Giordano, After The Fire Is Gone at Microscope Gallery

After The Fire Is Gone
Microscope Gallery | 1329 Willoughby Ave, 2B
Opening Reception: Friday, September 15 | 6–9pm
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Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, a drifter, an insurance salesman and a love triangle. More than a dozen vintage TVs will be playing videos depicting these characters, with sets from the films installed throughout the space—installation/art by Cate Giordano. She says: “I shoot films, make sculptures, and perform in various states of cross dress. My work conveys a grotesque Americana, one influenced by faded icons, soap-opera folklore, and daily banalities.”

Wastedland 2

Wastedland 2
Knockdown Center | 52-19 Flushing Ave
Exhibition and Performances: Friday, September 15 @ 7pm–12am | Screenings @ 9pm & 11pm
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Knockdown Center presents the final showing of post-apocalyptic graffiti wonderland Wastedland 2, an immersive film installation which has been touring across the US for the past year and features artists and new material specific to each location. “Questions of fate and self will collide with graffiti folk lore through wordplay, sculpture, artifacts, and characters – all centered around thematics from the existential fantasy film of the same name. Created by Andrew H. Shirley, and his actors and members of the notorious Brooklyn-based 907 graffiti crew – this environment allows the viewer to enter the psychology of the narrative, to identify and ultimately re-define the way one traditionally engages with film and artwork.”

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