I was reading an article on eleven of the hottest cocktails from around the globe in the New York Times when the article mentioned a new drink that is all the rage: the Greenpoint.

Though it pains me as a proud Brooklynite, the Greenpoint is a variation on the famous cocktail the Manhattan. The drink, created by Michael McIlory at NYC’s legendary Milk and Honey, gets it name because the Chartreuse that is its main ingredient creates a green hue.

So, what goes into a Greenpoint? The drink consists of two ounces of rye whiskey and a half ounce of yellow Chartreuse. Then add another half ounce of sweet vermouth. The last two ingredients are pinches of angostura bitters and orange bitters. Take all the ingredients and put them in a mixing glass with ice. Next, stir and strain it into a cocktail glass. Finally, top it off with a lemon twist garnish.
What does it taste like? It’s a savory, complex cocktail that reveals its flavors slowly. First, the drink starts with a soft sweetness from the vermouth. Quickly the spice of the rye kicks in, followed by a pleasant herbal taste of Chartreuse. You can clearly taste each ingredient one after the other, making it a truly delicious cocktail.

Where can you get the Greenpoint in Greenpoint? We would trust the most solid cocktail bars in the ’hood to mix one up for you. Ramona (113 Franklin Street), Alameda (195 Franklin Street) and The Richardson (451 Graham Avenue) are all excellent choices.

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