Police have released images of two of the men wanted in connection with the Sept. 25 robbery spree.

Greenpoint has recently had a wave of robberies and a burglary that have disturbed neighborhood residents. Early in the morning on Sunday, Sept. 25, four separate robberies occurred within 90 minutes of each other.

The first robbery took place around 3:15am at the corner of Jackson Street and Meeker Avenue when four men approached a 26 year-old victim, attacked him, and took his backpack, iPhone, camera, and books.

The second incident took place around 4am at Jewel Street and Meserole Avenue when a 34-year old man was attacked by three men and robbed of his iPhone, $300 in cash, and wallet. The victim was struck in the face during the robbery and required stitches to close a laceration he received.

The third incident occurred shortly after at 4:30am at Leonard Street and Driggs Avenue when two men robbed a 33-year old man at knifepoint of his iPhone and credit cards. This victim was unharmed.

The final robbery took place at Meserole Avenue and Diamond Street and involved two men attacking a 32-year old man and stealing his phone and wallet.


Police have strong video and photo evidence in the robberies and are looking for a group of four men in connection with all of the incidents.

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, a woman also reported a burglary on Nassau Ave. between Apollo and Hausman streets. This incident occurred in the middle of the day between 1:00-3:30pm and happened on the third floor of the building, while residents were home on the first and second floors.

Perpetrators used a crowbar to force entry into the apartment, and destroyed a door in the process. Police responded immediately to the incident and took fingerprints and DNA sample evidence.

Although no suspects have been arrested in the Sept. 25 robberies, Captain Komar of the 94th Precinct confirms that a man was arrested a few days after the Sept. 28 burglary who might have connections to that incident.

The man was seen trespassing on two separate properties in between the BQE and McCarren Park, and was reported by a witness to the 94th Precinct. Officers arrived and were able to arrest the man for trespassing, and found that he has a prior record including several burglaries.

Both property owners and the witness (who picked the man out of a line-up) further cooperated with police and the suspect is being prosecuted now.

Although no conclusive link has been made between this perpetrator and the Sept. 28 Nassau burglary, police are crosschecking the DNA and fingerprint evidence they have from that incident to see if there are any matches.

Komar praised the civilian who called in the case, and emphasized the importance of following correct witness protocol when reporting something in order to increase chances of catching and successfully prosecuting suspects.

If you see something, call 911, report it as best you can with detailed descriptions of suspects’ appearance and what seems suspicious, and then do your best to see where the suspect is going.

Captain Komar stressed that it’s important to get to a safe location but stay in the area as police may need to further corroborate and confirm details with you.

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