Why do you work all day at a job that is not your true calling?

For cash, of course. Or maybe stock options.

My day job pays the bills, but I also get to go to fun places sometimes for it too. Got to go to Alabama once.

It was great. “Where’s the best bar in this town?” I asked someone in Eufala, AL.

“Airport Lounge. They got shacks in the back.” In case you are not up on your South, that means ladies of the night are available.


Not my thing, but heading for Japan on Sunday, bizness class. Before my next brush with the picaresque, here’s the weekend music calendar, with a bonus entry for Monday night to help transition you back to the work week.

Big Gold Dream is a film of concerts from the late ’70s and early ’80s, when Joy Division and The Human League took over the Scotland scene. It plays at Rough Trade on Monday (5/23) at 6 pm.

If you have great memories of watching 24 Hour Party People for the first time on the big screen, you understand the promise of this film.

On Sunday (5/22), the temp is supposed to be in the low 70’s. That’s a tricky temp, just warm enough to put a little mischief in you to spring outside, but still a little chilly for the beach.

How about going to an outdoor party that’s actually fun, instead of one with people standing around looking bored on their phones? Greenpointers’ terrific Content Manager Megan P. tipped me off to the non-jaded crowd that gathers at Nowadays in Bushwick for a Sunday afternoon party with DJ’s, dancing, and sangria. Nowaday’s website also promises “the occasional sound of a passing freight train.”

The party is kid-friendly, and dogs are allowed on-leash. Cell phone use is banned on the dance floor. Eamon and Justin head the festivities; earlier this month they brought their running series to Japan.

Start time is 3 pm and end time is 9 pm but the venue stays open until later so if you are having fun you can just hang afterwards. Advance tickets are $22.50 and can be bought here.

If you are seeking more of a traditional nighttime-type dance experience, Knitting Factory Brooklyn  has put together a mix ‘n match of synth-pop, grunge power-pop, new wave, and electro-pop bands Friday night (5/20).

Put on your best Molly Ringwald teen angst face and hit this prom hard.

Bands playing are The Teen CommandmentsNew MythsLAKES, and Aarhus. Here’s a SoundCloud preview.

Those seeking a more mellow experience Friday night should head to Muchmore’s on Havemeyer for Gary Caviar, an experimental sound initiative with Sam Lisabeth a/k/a Samuel Boat on guitar.

Sam L/B’s deceptively simple pop style should interact in an interesting way with his band members’ more avant-garde leanings.

For Saturday (5/21), I recommend spending your night at the old neighborhood standby, Pete’s Candy Store, on Lorimer.

They have one of the best band bookers in the neighborhood, who finds lesser-known acts and actually makes an effort to schedule bands with compatible sound together.

Saturday night, that means folk and country music from Tanbark, folk and soul music from Natalie York, just plain straight up folk music from LA’s Tim Carr, and pop funk from Youth and Vanity.

For previews of each artist playing Pete’s, follow the links above. Exact showtimes can be found here.

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