The Teen Commandments

Weekend Music: Day Job, Night Vision (5/20 – 5/23)

Why do you work all day at a job that is not your true calling?

For cash, of course. Or maybe stock options.

My day job pays the bills, but I also get to go to fun places sometimes for it too. Got to go to Alabama once.

It was great. “Where’s the best bar in this town?” I asked someone in Eufala, AL.

“Airport Lounge. They got shacks in the back.” In case you are not up on your South, that means ladies of the night are available.

Not my thing, but heading for Japan on Sunday, bizness class. Before my next brush with the picaresque, here’s the weekend music calendar, with a bonus entry for Monday night to help transition you back to the work week. Continue reading

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Weekend Music: Here’s to Not Starting a Nuclear War

First, to celebrate today’s tropical temps, a calypso gift from The Kinks.

That’s the song playing behind a trailer to the ’80s flop Club Paradise.

This weekend brings some fine ’80s-style new wave pop to our neighborhood, along with the chance to dance at the Wburg Music Hall, or rock out at Aviv. Or just bleed from the head at Grand Vic, but for more on that, you have to peek behind the click to your right. Continue reading

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