What would your community be like if it had ‘fitness patrols’ roaming your neighborhood streets? McDonald’s would probably be an underground junk food dealer (4 chicken nuggets in a dime bag, please) and Starbucks would most likely sell wheat grass macchiatos and have stair masters in their lounges instead of free wi-fi.

Well Human@Ease actually did the unthinkable and the Fitness Protection Police patrolled the Greenpoint streets to promote a healthier lifestyle to the community! What Dishan Elise, owner of Human@Ease and creator of the Fitness Protection Program (FPP) really wants, is to increase awareness on individual and global health, fitness & well being. And since the NYPD might be too busy issuing tickets to your chained bike, the FPP has taken the initiative to issue their own fines and tickets for those who don’t know their bicep from their backside.

See video here.


Elise and her FPP team agree that as silly and funny as these clips are, what they really want is to impact each person’s life they encounter and for individuals to see this as an opportunity to make better choices in their health & well-being. Elise uses her patrol as a witty approach to introduce The B.E.S.T. Plan, her signature program that teaches how to master the art of fitness & well-being.

“B.E.S.T.” is an acronym for “Balance, Energy, Strength, and Tranquility.” It’s a 12-week program that covers all aspects of health and well-being. You get better health, your life improves, and you help the environment. These are the positive benefits the BEST Plan promises.

“It is a win-win situation,” says Elise, “our members see dramatic changes in their health, relationships, career, and family life.” She teaches that the secret to life success is to first take care of your mind and body and all other things will “fall into place.” Because the work is so focused and personal, Elise limits each 12 wk program to small groups so space is limited. The next group is scheduled to start on October 26th. So if you’re looking to go into the holidays looking smokin’ hot and move past any obstacles, get your application in now!

Transform your life!

Includes: a 12-wk structured program, Gym Jump Starter Kit, Organic Brunch Classes, Challenge Prizes and more.

Taking Registration Now! Space is limited!

STARTING: Oct. 26th
Learn more and apply here.

Sponsored post courtesy of Human@Ease.

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