Get Fit or Get Fined? Is this Even Legal? B.E.S.T. Plan Starts 10/26!


What would your community be like if it had ‘fitness patrols’ roaming your neighborhood streets? McDonald’s would probably be an underground junk food dealer (4 chicken nuggets in a dime bag, please) and Starbucks would most likely sell wheat grass macchiatos and have stair masters in their lounges instead of free wi-fi.

Well [email protected] actually did the unthinkable and the Fitness Protection Police patrolled the Greenpoint streets to promote a healthier lifestyle to the community! Continue reading

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Kiki Morris: Greenpoint’s Best-Loved Trainer Talks Health, Happiness and Longevity

Kiki Morris: Best Trainer in NYC...probably the world!

If you’ve ever taken a run around McCarren Park track, the chances are you’ll know Kiki. Kiki Morris has been a regular fixture at the northwest corner of the track for almost 18 years and is one of the most well-loved figures in the neighborhood. He trains people in the park every day of the week and is greeted by pretty much everyone who passes by. Mothers with strollers come up and say hi, NYPD cars slow down on Driggs to honk and wave, shirtless muscle-rippling joggers remove their earbuds and stop for a chat, and little kids run over and high-five him. It’s no wonder he’s earned himself the unofficial title of Mayor of McCarren and the official title of Village Voice’s ‘best outdoor personal trainer in NYC’. Continue reading

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Will Punk Rope’s Tim Haft – Fit or Flop? Vote!

Punk Rope's Tim Haft

You may know Tim Haft from Punk Rope at the Greenpoint YMCA or early morning butt kickings at Beastanetics in McGolrick Park. Now Greenpoint’s favorite fitness guru is a competitor on a web based reality show call Fit or Flop. Will he be “American’s Next Fitness Star”? You decide!

With just one week to go in the voting you can help Tim get to the next
round. (You can actually vote for him once every 24 hours thru 3/31.) Continue reading

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Intensati @ [email protected] Tonight!

Tonight and every Wednesday at 8pm, a very fun and talented friend of mine is teaching a new class called IntenSati at [email protected]. Elina is passionate about IntenSati, a this new workout method that combines “high-energy aerobics, martial arts, yoga and strength conditioning,” along with “spoken affirmations.”

Elina has been raving about Intensati for the past two years and said that one of her goals was to teach it. So I did what I do best, plantonic and professional matchmaking (I don’t touch the romantic stuff).

I introduced Elina to Dishan, owner and trainer/life coach at [email protected], where I work out weekly. I knew that if I put these two ladies together, their boat would sail off into fitness/self-improvement heaven.

I am so proud and happy that Elina is in Greenpoint, doing what she does best, which in her professional life is enabling people to discover and pursue their dreams through a company called Dream Careers, Inc. Now time it’s for Elina’s dream to come true and share the benefits of fitness and wellness with you.

Join IntenSati with Elina tonight at 8pm, which promises “you will leave class feeling stronger, uplifted and inspired.” For $10, that is a steal!

[email protected]
31 Nassau Ave

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Time to get NAKED…at BOOTCAMP!

Time to get NAKED … at BOOTCAMP!

SIGN UP NOW and you will not only want to get into that teeny bikini (or speed-OH no) this summer … you’ll also want to get OUT of it … and into NAKED!

This June, QUICK FITNESS is taking bootcamp to the track! TRACY Helsing (“We Go Hard Bootcamp”, Food Network’s “FAT CHEF”) is joining forces with FAITH Pilger and DORIAN Cervantes to take her weekly indoor bootcamps to another level!


AND they will be wearing NAKED SPORTS GEAR: an awesome new TAN THROUGH sports wear for the outdoor athlete …that’s YOU! ~ NO MORE UGLY WORKOUT TAN LINES!!!
(clink – I’ll drink to that)

So, get your butts over to Williamsburg’s McCarren Park EVERY SATURDAY IN JUNE at 9am, rain or shine!
It’s just one subway stop from the city (L train to Bedford or G to Nassau). We’ll meet at the purple workout/stretch bars on the Driggs Avenue side of the track.

SIGN UP NOW on Facebook…just click YES, even if you can’t make all of the dates.
This bootcamp is an hour long and the five week series is priced at $125 for the month. Drop-ins are welcome for $30 per class and if you can only make 3 or 4, we can prorate.

Commit to the package if you want to see real results!
Bootcampers will receive special NAKED benefits 🙂

EMAIL Tracy at [email protected] with any other questions. AND SERIOUSLY, the more the merrier, so please pass the word on and bring your friends as there will be plenty of tag team, cooperative and group exercises.

See you there!!!

Check out

Sponsored post courtesy of Quick Fitness.

Continue reading

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Feeling plump? It’s only going to get worse…

There is an absurd tradition in my Sicilian American family to precede a giant holiday meal, like Thanksgiving, with a giant pasta dish. This year it was my Nonna’s so called “last lasagna.” A doom and gloom mentality is a typical trait in any old Sicilian woman. So is making a lasagna that somehow bypasses the “brain tells stomach to stop eating” mechanism.

For most of us, Thanksgiving is the first of many upcoming family force feeding sessions and I am already doing the cram dance to get into my jeans. Instead of buying a size up and letting the holiday feeding frenzy rule me, I am taking charge and for the next twelve weeks am getting my butt (literally – it’s huge) into major shape with the help of fitness trainer and life coach Dishan at [email protected].

My version of working out is a warm up walk to the cafe, an espresso, run for a couples of miles, then forget to stretch or hydrate. I need professional help!

On my first day Dishan took my weight (120 lbs) and my body fat (17.4% – Can you guess where all the fat is stored?) and these embarrassing BEFORE photos of me, which after 12 weeks will hopefully reveal a toner, stronger and less junk-in-the-trunk Jen.

It will be as much of a challenge for Dishan, who has over 15 years of experience training, as it will be for me, given that I’m not in horrendous shape. It’s much easier to see dramatic results in someone who needs to lose a lot of poundage. Our goal is to keep my body fat stable and increase my lean muscle mass. I don’t want to lose weight but rather build muscle.

Did you see the ladies arm wrestling video? I am a wimp, especially in my upper body, and my goal is to rule bitches and wimpy dudes during the next competition.

Problem: I hate gyms! But [email protected] is different. It’s a zen gym, no annoying house music and no muscle heads. With no more than four people using the machines at a time and a staff member there help, it’s very peaceful. Plus there are loads of classes like yoga and zumba.

Dishan introduced me to Introversion Strength Training, her own meditative approach. It’s done for 30 minutes once or twice a week. That’s it! It strengthens and tones by doing high intensity weight training on machines with ultra slow repetitions until just before muscle fatigue. And it’s a self-training method, which means you learn how to do it yourself.

But what about the cardio? After each set I was profusely sweating, my heart rate was elevated and I was majorly out of breath. Dishan explained that your heart and lungs support your muscles, so the cardiovascular systems has no choice but to get stronger to accommodate the improvements of the muscular system. And by increasing the intensity of your workout you can decrease the frequency, which is perfect for me because I need time to write for this blog!

My first few workouts have been tough but very energizing and motivating and I hope to be able to do at least one chin up by the end of my twelve weeks.

The whole workout was a mini life coaching session wrapped up in a high intensity workout delivered by the most adorable, lively and fun person, who can do chin ups like a champ!

Lately I have been so busy and overwhelmed and feeling like, “I can’t go on!” That is the same way I felt on my last repetitions.

“Just one more,” Dishan said.
“I can’t!” I said while horribly contorting my face and grunting. (against the rules!)
“Yes you can, Jen. Just try.”

But I could! When I accomplished what seemed to be the last impossible rep, it was like jumping over a mini life hurdle that left me buzzing and inspired to accomplish other things I think I can’t do.

When it was all over I relaxed in the infrared detoxifying sauna. Try it! It improves your complexion, helps fight off colds and is supposedly a good hangover cure. The price is right at $15 for 30 minutes, too.

Check back in 12 weeks for what I hope are not as extremely embarrassing AFTER photos, and I will be wearing neon yellow bike shorts instead.

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