Dirck The Norseman: Brooklyn’s First Brew Pub Officially Open!

Dirck_the_NorsemanSplendid news for beer lovers! Since last week your local beer drinking options just got a whole lot bigger: by 6,000 sq ft!

Yes, Friday night saw the long-awaited official opening of Dirck the Norseman (7 N 15th Street), a huge beer hall and brew pub run by Brouwerij Lane‘s Ed Raven and his team of brew experts.The Scandinavian name is in honor of Greenpoint’s first [western, European] settler, Dirck Volckertsen, who would no doubt be proud to know that such a fine watering hole had been set up in his memory.

The colossal beer emporium is located in a prime spot at the corner of N 15th and Franklin Street in Greenpoint, on the site of a former plastic bag factory.

Dirck_BarAfter months of careful renovation, the space now consists of huge square bar (serving drinks on all four sides), long wooden tables with benches made from reclaimed church pews, an exposed kitchen, and a mini brewery!

The bar has sixteen beer lines, four of which will soon be given over to their very own in-house brewed beer.

When we visited on ‘soft opening’ night last week we were lucky enough to be given a tour of the shiny new brewery which is fully visible through huge glass window panes.

Dirck_The_Norseman_Brewery_photo_Rosie_de_BWe learnt that prepping a single batch of beer, from grain to fermenting tank, takes a full eight hours and then it takes around four weeks before it’s actually ready to be drunk.

The brew team, headed up by Chris Prout, are still excitedly waiting to taste their first batches but in the meantime the taps are pouring out a great selection of European and local beer.

German beers include Jever Pilsener, Gaffel Kolsch and Brauhaus Riegle, whilst local brews are Peekskill Simple Sour, Other Half IPA and Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter. Prices range from $3 for 0.2l to $13 for a liter glass.

Dirck_Bar_Food_photo_by_Rosie_de_BTo soak up all the beer they’re also serving up hearty, meat-centric dishes such as Brick Chicken with Gremolata Sauce, Dirck Sausage with Leeks, 11-Hour Smoked Brisket, Turkey Confit with Rosemary French Roast, and Braised Pig Knuckles. Sides include house-made Maple Glaze Bacon, Goose Fat Dill Potatoes, and Norseman Onion Soup with Gruyere toast.  We sampled a few of these dishes and they were all excellent!

Let us know what you think!

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Rosie de Belgeonne is a video editor and specializes in movie trailers. Her days in a dark edit suite are balanced with sunny runs around McCarren Park track and weekends spent discovering Greenpoint's finest eateries. If you have any local foody news or tip-offs you can email her at [email protected], or tweet @Rosie_de_B


  1. Gina says:

    The bacon wedge salad is unbelievable, just so everyone knows.

  2. Robyn says:

    Way to go ChrisP!! Thats awesome. I’ll have to book me a trip to go try this place out!

  3. Dan says:

    Great beer! As the write up alluded, they could use a veggie/vegan friendly main dish option. otherwise 5 stars.

  4. OMG. This is my great grandfather (x13) I believe the full name is 1. Dirck Volckertszen De Noorman. I don’t know if I still have relatives in that area but according to my grandmother’s genealogical work, and network, we have relatives in every state of the union. Typically, these relatives can then trace their descendants to Revolutionary War veterans which is what I’ve just done. — Breaking news! The owner of the restaurant has asked a certain cousin Linda to come up and speak a little about it and at Norman’s Kil.

  5. Dr. John Fulkerson says:

    From another direct descendant of Dirck. I can hardly wait to get over and sample your wares. I am sure they will do Dirck proud.


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