While picking up special cat food for my obese tuxedo at Greenpoint Vet Hospital, I grabbed a coffee across the street at Cafe Pistachio (114 Nassau Ave), which contributor Jen H. raved about a few months ago.

It was late in the afternoon and the drip coffee looked like it had been sitting out all day so I ordered a short espresso, which was way too long and not something I would go back for. I did notice something I would return for, though.

For a while I’d been very curious about Borek after seeing the frozen variety at a European deli. (I’ve also seen it spelled Burek.) The Borek on display at Pistachio looked fresh and delicious and since we were starving it was a great take home appetizer before cooking dinner. The server said they make them in house, too.

There were a few varieties to chose from: cheese, potato, ground meat and spinach, and I went with Spinach. It was a flakey, buttery and moist phylo dough pastry stuffed with spinach and salty feta, served with dill sour cream on the side. It was really satisfying and makes for a really cheap snack or small lunch at only $4. That is cheap!

Can you recommend any other spots in Greenpoint for delicious Borek?


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    1. You’re so smart! According to the Wiki it’s Turkish, but I don’t know of any specifically Turkish places that sell it in Greenpoint, do you? All the places that I have seen that carry it seem to be Polish.

          1. I’m an expert on Turkish food in Greenpoint; Polish delis in Greenpoint are a dime a dozen. The only one my family frequents is Park Deli on Nassau and Russell because our neighbors work there.

            I’m very serious about the field trip to find borek. The only place I’ve found it in its delicious meat variety (other than Pistachio) is Güllüoglu. Mmm Enfes serves veggie and cheese varieties only.

    2. Ever since I returned from Istanbul two years ago after vacation, I have looked for borek all over the city. It’s a melting pot, shouldn’t be hard, right? Wrong!

      I was so happy to see in the Greenpointers review that it serves “Turkish standards” and couldn’t wait to order borek. I even said thank you in Turkish (teşekkür) to the person who warmed it up for me, and she beamed.

      1. Even after I read the Wiki, which said it’s Turkish, I thought that since I’ve seen it in other Polish spots that it was adopted into the Polish cuisine, too… (you know like French Fries!) But to be correct and thanks Sherry – it’s Turkish.

        1. I want to change that. I saw the Burek in what are called European Delis. They sell dreamy things like Bulgarian Feta and Kalamata olives. Even though I knew Pistachio was Turkish and the wiki said Turkish I wanted Burek to e Polish!

  1. Late to the game here, but there’s yummy burek to be found in Astoria, because of all the residents there who hail from the former Yugoslavia; Bosnians in particular, I think. There’s one near the big 6-+-plex movie theather, I forget the name, but Google will help you.

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