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The newest cafe to open up just east of the Nassau G-train is Cafe Pistachio (114 Nassau Ave). Owned and operated by a trio of food lovers trained in catering and culinary arts, this cafe is warm and its staff is inviting. Pistachio’s menu presents Turkish standards including açma (served best with a side of warm feta cheese), kumpirs and house-made yogurt. Though the savory food alone is worth a stop in, Cafe Pistachio also boasts a large assortment of house-made baked goods including sizable Madeleine cookies, chocolate truffles and a sinful Pistachio Dome. This seemingly modest dark chocolate half-sphere holds a rich pistachio mousse and is served on a gold foiled platter. Though Pistachio’s interior is less candlelight dining and more hey, let’s get a coffee, any Greenpoint gal or guy who brings a Dome—or at least suggests one—on a first date is sure to score points. And so does Pistachio for their charm and tasty treats.

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  1. After walking by several times my girlfriend and I finally stopped in last night. The writer of this article mentioned “warmth” and we felt it too. We knew we were in for a treat, as somehow we could sense the love and care the chefs at Café Pistachio had put into the food on display. We actually commented on it to one another under our breath. They did not disappoint.

    I had a delicious grilled chicken wrap, freshly prepared and perfectly seasoned with tangy, savory dressing that complemented the chicken perfectly. I backed this up with a small avocado salad of mixed greens, red cabbage, onions and tomatoes with an awesome lemony dressing. My girlfriend had the roasted red pepper and grilled chicken sandwich that was equally well prepared on homemade bread, and while I only had a bite, my lovely girlfriend will confirm it was equally delicious.

    We topped the whole meal off with a chocolate cannoli and a small pecan tart. Both were delicious and made with skill, if perhaps a tad over-sweet … or maybe we were just feeling guilty at that point.

    We’re excited to have another spot in the hood with some quality, healthy (and a few not so healthy) options. I get the feeling we’ll be going back again and again.

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