There is so much BEST in Greenpoint, I have to break this up into two posts. Stay tuned for Part 2.

• Best New Restaurant: Adelina’s
“Toby described his cooking style as “simple and honest.” I agree. One thing I love about home cooked food is I can shovel it into my mouth portion after portion and not feel like crap, like when I double fist my Nonna’s rice balls.” – Jen

• Best Contributor’s Self-Sacrafice: Peter’s Spray Tan

• Best Pop-Up: SoFar Sounds
“The more performers we saw, the more we wanted to stay. The format was great, too. Each performer only played three songs, then next! – which definitely is a good way to keep a crowd.”

• Best Young Entrepreneurs: Lemonade Love
“With already a keen understanding of the value of social media, Nat asked ‘are we going to be on Facebook?'” – Jen


• Best of Summer (Recreation): McCarren Park Pool

• Best Instagram Buddy: @thecityandtheocean

• Best of Summer (Food): Peter Pan’s Ice Cream Donut Sandwich
“It’s something I’d heard rumors about for years, but never knew if it actually existed … advertising the great white whale of summer desserts: the Ice Cream Donut Sandwich. It sounded like a joke.” – Matthew S

• Best Business Revamp: Brooklyn Point Cafe
“It has been gutted and turned into a fresh new restaurant with a menu that is anything but Polish. Of course they kept the grilled Polish sausage on the menu to stay tied to their roots.” – Janello

• Best Underground Dining: Yummy Eats Dim Sum Dinner
“The food paparazzi were in full force and when Chef Joseph Yoon brought out each gorgeously plated dish, anxious hands held back until every iphone in the room recorded the food glory.” – Jen

Artwork by David Pettibone

• Best Artist: David Pettibone
“Darkened, apocalyptic skies loom over dramatic and desolate landscapes, while human figures, hooded and covered from head to toe in bleach white, toil among scores of mysterious boxes. Something massive is most definitely amiss.” – Ragnar

• Best Band: Heliotropes
“Aside from their surprisingly heavy sound and amazing guitar solos, the entire band was sex on a stick. Also an instant download.” – Jen

• Best Food Competition: Kings County Corn Bowl
“Twelve culinary kooks brought incredible offerings, all crafted from freshly picked upstate corn.” – Tom

• Best Signage: EAT. REAL. FOOD. at The Brooklyn Kitchen

• Best New Start-Up: Farm To Baby “Lauren takes produce from local farms and cooks up something healthful and delicious, grinds it all up, jars it in cute little mason jars, and delivers it to your baby’s mouth.” – Joann

• Best New Bar: Beloved
“The focus is on a killer cocktail list, a well-designed interior sporting luxe wallpaper and custom lighting, and bartenders who actually seem to want you to enjoy your time there.” – Peter

• Best Taco: Calexico
Three of our writer’s toured the neighborhood and very scientifically tested every taco in town. Peter wrote: “It just fits exactly what you want out of a summer taco: filling, light on the stomach, and balanced perfectly against a backdrop of cocktails and good beer.” -Peter

• Best Idea For Greenpoint: Expand the G Train
“Wasn’t it such a pleasure to catch the G Train and not have to run a half a mile to the middle of the platform?” – Jen

• Best Street Performer: Super Bad Brad
“I have two words: original hipster.” – Jen

• Best Street Art: Jellyfish
“Talk about nailing it, the jellyfish on this cement truck was the most mind blowing use of space we’ve seen, and the artist (whose name is still a mystery) didn’t have to dangle off a ledge to do it.” – Jen

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  1. The first time I read this blog in full length. Love it. Short, simple and to the point. also new places to try around the area. Best of luck in all your future endeavours, keep up the great work.

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