Great White Whale Exists! Ice Cream Donut Sandwich from Peter Pan

It’s something I’d heard rumors about for years, but never knew if it actually existed. Finally, this summer a hand drawn sign appeared in the window of Greenpoint’s own Peter Pan Donut Shop (727 Manhattan Ave.) – advertising the great white whale of summer desserts: the Ice Cream Donut Sandwich. It sounded like a joke. A donut of your choice cut in half and stuffed with a large scoop of Haagan Dazs ice cream. I can confirm that not only is it real, but it’s delicious.
For the donut portion of the sandwich there was a wide array of some of the best donuts in the city to choose from. I assumed to stick to the non-filled donuts to avoid a complete disaster. For the ice cream part of the equation, Peter Pan has 4 different flavors available.

I went with two of my favorites; a toasted coconut donut filled with chocolate ice cream. The sandwich is served to-go in a styrofoam container which allowed me to get it home before digging into this guilty pleasure.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth but even I wasn’t sure whether this sugar bomb would be a good idea. Would it be just too over the top? I was concerned that the donut might get soggy from the melting ice cream. It turns out, I had no reason to worry. The ice cream settled right into all the nooks and crannies of the donut and the flavors melded together perfectly. Was it a bit messy? Yes. Over the top? Of course! Do I want another one? You bet!

The only real problem: when is the best time of day to eat this treat? I can’t really see eating it for breakfast, but what if all the donuts sell out for the day? I went on a weekday around 2pm and there were plenty. On the weekends you might have to settle for whatever is left.

See you in the line.

Cost $4.75

Instagram: @photographysux