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Here at Greenpointers, we have a very strict “always say yes” policy, or, to be more accurate, a strict “always volunteer Peter to say yes” policy.  Case in point: a few weeks ago, we got an email from Marzena, proprietor of Amber Tan Studio, asking us if we’d like to come in and check out her services.  Unsurprisingly, the direct result of this was that on Tuesday I found myself staring down a spray-nozzle loaded with a custom blend of “fully natural, 100% organic moisturizing” tanning formula.  For me, this was a very novel concept.

Allow me to go into greater detail for those of you who are, like I myself was on Tuesday morning, terrified and perplexed at the concept of spray-on tanning.  If you book a session with Marzena, you’ll be cheerfully welcomed into a clean and friendly spa and ushered into the back room, where you’ll find a ventilated stall and the unmistakeable sense that what you may have thought of as a silly or frivolous concept is here taken every bit as seriously as something like a proper haircut.  While I know that spray tanning sounds like it has all the charm of a prison de-lousing, I promise you that the actual act  is surprisingly pleasant and not at all like I expected – It’s more of a gentle misting than a rough airbrushing.

As for the chemicals used, Marzena made it abundantly clear that the images of blinding orange superfake tans that filled my head walking in were relics of the past.  The DHA-based tanners she employs are apparently natural, and while my notion was that I’d walk out looking like a shipwreck survivor she instead focused on starting with a gentle tanning process for my first session until we learned how my skin reacted to the treatment and adjusting future sessions accordingly.  Marzena’s focus on aftercare even extends to offering free touch-ups to those who might feel insufficiently darkened.

In short, I was very pleased with the process, even as someone who feels weird getting their hair washed at a salon.  Marzena is very professional and puts you well at ease, and I believe her when she says that for someone trying to get a jump on the sun this early in the season her process is a far safer alternative to UV tanning beds.  As for the results? I think they speak for themselves.


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