Heliotropes Video & Photos From Greenpointers CMJ Music Showcase at Public Assembly 10/16

On October 16, 2012 Greenpointers.com accomplished something that was on my hopes and dreams inspiration board for a while: to showcase amazing musicians at a great venue in Brooklyn!

Our CMJ showcase planning was going great until the day before the show, when the venue Delinquency let us know they were shut down! It all worked out because Public Assembly saved the show.

Beach Day Band CMJ 2012
Beach Day, a trio from Florida, sounded like Beach Boys meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Lots of fun!

Greenpointers didn’t do this alone. Our job as media sponsor only meant we created the poster, handled online promotions, like facebook invitations, email blasts, and scored our Narragansett beer sponsorship.

The really hard work, like booking the bands and working out all the show details was taken care of by two great organizations: Permanent Wave & Campers Rule. We made a great team and it was a pleasure working with them.

The Suzan CMJ 2012
The Suzan

The line-up they pulled together of all female fronted musicians was outstanding.

My favorite band that took the stage was my  The Suzan. This is a band I call an “instant download” – you hear one song live and you download the entire album. It’s four Japanese ladies, who pump out the fastest and funnest dance music you have ever heard. See them live if you can. They are playing Saturday at Free Candy during the day in Bed-Stuy.

easy lover band cmj 2012
Easy Lover

Easy Lover was the perfect mellow show starter.

Backwords Band CMJ 2012

Backwords played next and the two guitar players kept handing off instruments between each other.

Leda Band CMJ 2012

I love Leda. These girls are so adorable and their lyrics are so heartfelt.

Heliotropes Band CMJ 2012

Headlining was Heliotropes and aside from their surprisingly heavy sound and amazing guitar solos, the entire band was sex on a stick. Also an instant download. I definitely want to check these ladies out again before they blow up!

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